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The addition of a pocket square adds some finishing panache to a good suit. Little wonder every perfect gentleman is likely to feel underdressed without one tucked neatly into his single-breasted suit jacket or sport coat! A true silk pocket square adds a dash of color, style and class to your suit jacket while a proper pocket square fold adds a touch of uniqueness to your overall look.


By creating different folds, you can actually change the look and feel of your outfit. Simply ensure your pocket square color compliments some color on your tie. Now, here are a variety of ways to fold a

Puffed Fold

Puffed Fold

-Pick up your square from the centre and lay it down.

-Turn it upside down and fold the bottom point towards the top.

-Tuck it into your jacket as shown here.

Square-Ended Fold

-Lay the pocket square down flat.

-Fold the left side over into itself.

Square-Enabled Fold

-Fold the right side onto the left fold.

Be sure to match the width of your jacket pocket.

-Fold the bottom of the pocket square up to the top leaving about a quarter of it exposed.

-Tuck it into your jacket pocket. Flatten and adjust the width. Leave about a half inch.

Mult-Pointed Fold

Triangle Fold

-Lay your pocket square flat with the corners facing up and down.

-Fold the right corner across the middle.

-Fold the left corner over and tuck under the right corner.

-Fold the bottom corner up, stopping about three quarters from the top of the pocket square.

-Tuck it into your jacket pocket. Adjust the top of the triangle as needed to fit the pocket properly.

Multi-Pointed Fold

-Lay your pocket square flat. Fold the bottom right corner up to the top left corner. They should be slightly off centre.


-Fold from the right corner up to the left of the middle point. Repeat the fold with the other side of the pocket square.

-Fold the right and left sides in one another.

-Fold the bottom corner up.

-Tuck the pocket square into your jacket pocket. Flatten and adjust the points.

Multi-Pointed Pocket Squares

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