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Business outsourcing is growing in Nigeria

At a time like this, when business process outsourcing is rapidly gaining ground in Nigerian business management as is in the case of developed countries of the world, the services of certified customer interaction professionals are necessary to feel the vacuum in these business call centres in Nigeria.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of the first Certified Customer Interaction Professional students of BPO Academy, Programme Director/Chief Executive, Obiora Madu, said, Business Process Outsourcing is the way forward for developing countries like Nigeria because it drastically reduces unemployment and countries like India and others were able to survive because they embarked on business process outsourcing.

And this is a situation where a company gives out certain responsibilities to another company to perform for it. Customer care is necessary here and that is why the academy has trained the students so that they can feel the vacuum with the discipline they have received.

He encourages Nigerian youths to make effort to take certification which can be done even while in the higher institution. He said that employment opportunity is huge because a lot of companies are toeing in that direction. “We give them these skills because it helps them amongst other things to develop themselves.

In addition, the chairman of the occasion, Publisher Business Digest, Sonny Ojeagbase, said CCIP is a programme supported by World Bank. Saying that the student will never have any cause to regret the certificate because most industries in Nigeria need customer care interaction professional. “Beyond that it will help you build confidence in the system.

In the vein, Head of Business and Marketing, BPO, Olusoji Abiodun, inserted that basically the certification would afford them the opportunity of getting jobs and it is something that goes beyond customer service but taking to business development since they relate with people to deliver what they have been trained on or what the company does and other opportunity.

He said the skills they acquired so far will help them in personal lives and in their relationship with others.


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