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‘Why I left banking job’

By tony nwankwo

MR. Raoul Angelo is Forever Living Products top distributor in Cotonou, Benin Republic. A former staff of Diamond Bank, Cotonou, he resigned from the bank, five months after marketing Forever Living products, a decision he never regrets. In this chat, he says people are understanding that they need to be masters of their lives. Excerpts:

 Where are you coming from?

Mr. Raoul Angelo

Before I joined Forever, I was working in the credit department of Diamond Bank in Cotonou. I resigned from the bank after marketing Forever for five months, because after five months, I was already making more money than my boss, the director of credits in the bank, who had been working for 12 years in the bank.

When I looked at the stress he was going through, all the challenges, and he was still to complete building his house, I decided that I didn’t want to wait for 12 years before building my own house.

So, after five months, I was ready to go. But at that time, I had no one to encourage me. So I started comparing the bank and Forever. And I was thinking, why should I be afraid of leaving the bank for Forever? I was confident that between the two companies, if any of them will be in trouble, it will first of all be the bank.

Finally, I was able to make my decision, I resigned and started full time distributorship of Forever, and I have had no regrets whatsoever ever since.

People now understand the opportunity that is being offered by Forever, to enable them take control of their lives. With the world economic meltdown, people are begining to understand the message that Forever is professing: Take control of your life, take control of your health, and improve your lifestyle.

What has been the reaction of those you left behind in the bank?

A lot of them now say, ‘You were right in your decision, we didn’t quite understand you then’. But they are still not ready to take control of their destiny. They are still there, hoping they will make it. I think the most important thing for me is freedom.

I want to be free, I don’t want to depend on someone. I don’t want someone to tell me what to do, to control my time, to control my life. I think that was why it was easy for me to take the decision. Some people are satisfied with people giving them orders, telling them what to do.

They could also be afraid of taking their own destiny in their own hands. Sometimes, people think it is too late for them to take the decision. I took my decision six years ago. If you take your decision today, five years from now, you will be there.

In fact, you can make it in FLP faster than some of us. Even our successful distributors, like John Ekperigin, will tell you that what they learnt in 12 years, you can achieve in three years now if you are focused and dedicated.

Today, all their own mistakes are being discussed by them, so it is easier for you not to make such mistakes again. The road is smoother now for people to make it faster in FLP.

What has the managing director brought that has so positively changed the fortunes of FLP business, even in Cotonou?

He repositioned the company. Before him, distributors and management were working at cross purposes. We now work together and that grows the business. Both of us, distributors and management, are now better focused.

Formerly, it was like the management team is here, the distributors are there. Sometimes, it was almost like a fight. Distributors will say they are not happy, they complained. We were not always being carried along.

Now, Mr. Tay really understands that for the business to grow, it is distributors that must be encouraged. He listens to the needs of distributors, supporting them. He takes care of our complaints and we know we have someone with a listening ear.

Today, we are very close to him. You can call him any time, if he is not available, he will call you back, find out what you want. And he takes decisions very fast. Before his time, decisions were taken late, sometimes the situation could get worse before action is taken. Now things are moving smoothly.

How is business in Cotonou, and how many senior distributors are there?

I am a Sapphire Manager, and I am the only one in that level in Benin Republic. But we have some Soaring Managers and more than 150 other Managers in my team. A Manager is someone who is making almost CFA 1 million a month, which is equivalent of N400,000.00 in Nigerian currency.

And that is good money in Benin Republic today. Because in Benin, most of the people who work in big companies or those living big are not making as much, unless people in oil companies or banks. Even in the banks, you must be at a very high level to be earning as much.

To succeed in FLP, you need determination… with the knowledge that you can decide to double your income. That gives you a good feeling. It all depends on me. It is in my hands. The beauty is that people who are making N800,000.00 a month are ready to tell you what they do to be there.

They tell you the type of book they read, they tell you how they organise their own team, how many hours they put into their FLP business. They tell you to go and copy what they are doing, and you will get there. They will tell you the training they listen to, just go listen to it and you too can get there.


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