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Would you marry for money or sex?

Yes,  I’m a lady in my early 30s, I have    no  job nor a place I could call my own today. I wasn’t able to complete my education  because of some financial constraints and this, terribly affected my growth in life. Though I have been involved in   petty trading lately,  it has not impacted meaningful in my life.
About six months ago, I met Sammie who proposed to marry me. He loves me so much and was ready to do anything in order to have me. It was a new dawn for me, but something kept disturbing me. Within the  six months I have known Sammie, he hasn’t made any serious move to touch me in a way a woman would want her man to touch her. I have longed for him to touch me all this while, but he was not forthcoming.   I am also sure if he is given an opportunity he won’t do much.
Just the other day, I met Johnson and my life was transformed. He doesn’t have a dime to his name and he cannot buy me sachet water, but he is great in bed…

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Money and sex, no big deal!

Uchenna Nnanna, Actress
For me, there is more to marriage than money and sex. They are not big deal in marriage or the basics for a good marriage. When I marry, Love will be what I will be looking out for. After that, everything will fall into place.

Money answereth all things!
Chioma Nwaoha, Sociologist
They say Money makes one happy. For example, I’d rather cry in a  than on a bicycle. Poverty it self is no good and it is not a position I would rather be. As for Sex…it is highly overrated. Marrying for sex wouldn’t necessary put food on your table…but money would. And that same money can also get you what you need even if it is the sex. If am in that position and am left with no choice I would go for the money. Though, I don’t support ‘Money and Sex’ in this case being a reason for marriage….because Love is the best thing. A woman from a poor home that marries into a poor home is dumb but a woman from a poor home that marries into a rich home…is indeed a wise woman. For me, I would marry an educated Man with money not a 419 with money.

Chinwe Isaac, Actress
I will go for the man that can perform. Sex is one of the things that keep marriage.  Money will definitely come with good works from both parties involved. Once there is happiness in the marriage, every other thing will  follow. The man that can’t perform  will dull me jor. I no fit  shout!

For money, Yes!

Mary Ganaah, Actress
I need comfort ability in my marriage. I need a man with a good job, good salary to take care of me. I grew up from in a poor home, you don’t expect that I will get married to a poor man to continue swimming in poverty.  Poverty is a disease. I also need a man who will appreciate me. My parents will not be happy with me if I eventually marry a poor guy. I know that there is some where in the Bible, which states that “Money answereth all things”

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