June 7, 2011

World Wide Web to move from IPV4 to IPV6

By Adekunle Aliyu

Internet users allover the world may have difficulty come June 8 as the World Wide Web moves from Internet Protocol version 4 (IPV4) to Internet Protocol version 6 (IPV6).

The disruption or difficulty is expected to last for only one day as  all ISPs in Nigeria and most ISPs  world wide currently on Internet Protocol version 4 (IPV4), which is not friendly with IPV6 will be moved.

The movement to  Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPV6), the next generation IP address standard is seen as  an important  change to the Internet’s addressing system, the  IPV6 is expected to supplement and eventually replace the IPv4 protocol.

As the IPV6 makes  its test debut  hours from now  the Internet’s  access and infrastructure providers, service operators and content providers are ramping up preparedness for the deployment of IPV6.  .

In India, the Government of India (GOI) is leading the effort of transitioning to IPv6 through the formation an IPv6 Task Force in Public Private Partnership (PPP). India only has 18.5 million4 IPv4 addresses for a population of 1.2 billion5 in India.

So if you wake up Wednesday and experience internet problems when you surf the net note that it could be as a result of the transition from IPV4  to IPV6

The test run will make it impossible for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), to connect to yahoo, google and other Internet platforms, once the test run commences June 8.