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Residents heave sigh of relief as BRT comes to Mile 2

By Nwakanma Chukwuma

Residents along the Mile 2 to Badagry route have commended the Lagos Transport Management Authority, LAMATA, for the recent introduction of the Lagos Bus Rapid Transit,BRT system for commuters along the route.

The BRT buses presently charge N50 from Mile 2 to Okoko against N100 and N150 currently being charged by other commercial buses along the route.

Before the introduction of the BRT buses, residents along the Mile2 – Badagry route, an area with high population density, have been suffering the arbitrary increment of transport fares by bus drivers who use the route.

It is noted that since the introduction of the BRT buses in Lagos State in 2008, residents in areas like Agboju, Alakija, Abule-Ado, Under- Bridge,Trade-Fair, Ojo Barrack, Ajangbadi, Iya-Noba, Okokomaiko have been yearning for a piece of the action.

The Lagos State University LASU and international markets like ASPANDA and the Alaba International market are also located along the route. The route also serves as the gate way to other West African countries.

Residents have been praying for the extension of the transport system to the route as the big bus popularly known as “Molue” which used to carry more passengers at a cheaper rate had almost been phased out of the state.

Just recently after waiting for months for the extension of the BRT along Mile 2-Badagry route, the LAMATA, in conjunction with EPZ Ebenezer Ojo Company, commenced the long- awaited BRT transport along the route in what is seen as a relief for those in the area.

Mr. Lateef Bamidele, a civil servant who is a resident of the area, commended the extension of the BRT scheme to the area as he said: “It’s a true accomplishment that Lagos now boasts of having BRT at almost every part and location.

The bus line has become an immediate success, improving the commuting of thousands of people in a city where some greedy transporters increase fares without prior notice mostly during the rainy season and at nights when they know it’s inevitable for one to use them.

Most of us who are civil servants suffer while going to our various offices. Many workers in Lagos groan that the high costs of transportation have been eating deep into their incomes”.


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