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I insist, my story is true, says woman who had 7 kids in 11 months

By   Chidi Nkwopara, OWERRI.
The recent story of a woman , Mrs Precious Donatus Ogbonna who delivered seven babies within 11 months has continued to elicit reactions from people. However, the woman at the centre of the  controversy insists that the children are her babies and doubting Thomases are  free to conduct DNA test to ascertain the veracity of her claim.” I am ready to subject my kids to DNA tests. I would have done it since but for lack of funds”.

Tracing the woman and her babies to their residence near Akara Bus Stop, Irete, Owerri West Local Government Area of Imo State was not easy.  The woman was in  Lagos recently  for  two weeks to attend  a programme with her seven kids when Saturday Vanguard first encountered her.

Precious, mother of miracle babies

It was at the residence of her relation Florence Ibeh at No 8B, Brown Street, Aguda Surulere,  that she first spoke about her childbirths the first time. But she said she had to return to her Owerri  base the day after because that was where she pastors at her church , Holy Ghost Power Salvation Ministries, along Onitsha road  Owerri, Opposite NNPC Mega Station.

Her husband was not around when the interview with her was conducted as errorneously reported.

In her house, the woman took time to cuddle each baby that needed attention. Various types of children’s toys  littered the sitting room and each tried his or her hand on any within reach. The woman’s attention was severally distracted as Saturday Vanguard tried to get her views on the uncommon feat of delivering seven children in less than one year.

Are there  new developments?

The Lord has been seeing us through. God has been making a way where there is no way. I know that the blessings of God maketh men rich and added no sorrow. So, that was what God did. The miracle is unusual. It is an unusual miracle, indeed an uncommon miracle. God has been sustaining us through His abundant grace.

Has help come from anywhere since the publication?

The thing is that some individuals have been helping. The church members have also been helping seriously. The church has helped us a lot.

What is the name of the hospital where these children were born?

Quite alright, when the first one (baby) came out, many things transpired. After that, I got ministration, though I did not know that I was still pregnant. I got ministration from the Lord not to disclose the hospital and I still maintain it.

That is why when some people came here to interview me, I insisted that I am very ready for DNA test.
Are you serious about DNA test?

Yes. At least, we are in a computer age now. This test will enable the doubting Thomases to find out the truth or falsehood of my claims. This is the only way to confirm if I had these children or not. This is why I am still sticking on that DNA test. Whatsoever God commanded me to do is what I did.

Are you aware that almost everybody who read your story do not believe you?

Yes, but that is their own headache. I have asked for DNA test with a view to putting their fears or suspicion to rest. My stand is the ministration I got from God. I am a deliverance minister. I do what God asks me to do. But there are other ways to still find out whether these children are my children or not. That is why I tell the press men like that.

Are you aware that many people are interested in this uncommon medical feat?

Yes, I know that many people are really interested in the uncommon miracle. Many people have been calling me from within and outside the country. Even my younger sibling abroad once told me that one white medical doctor wants to come from outside Nigeria to see things for himself. I have not given my sister the green light to let him come. I want to just start from here (Nigeria).

Your explanations are hard to believe.

Quite alright, the miracle is unusual. Many people are doubting it but like the Bible said in the Book of Matthew 11:24 that God will grant us our heart’s desire.

Are the seven children your heart’s desire? Is that what you asked God to give you?

I asked for triplets when non-conception lingered for a long while. I got married in 1998. I thought then that I would conceive immediately. It did not work out my way but I kept on asking God and hoping that one day I will conceive. I am a Minister.

The question was that I will pray for others and they will conceive and what about me? Honestly, I really passed through several trials in life. I stayed up to eight  years without any issue. I started asking God to change my story. I asked that there should be an unusual thing in my life. I did not know that it was going to happen in this way.

So, I don not know why people should underrate God. God is faithful. God can do all things. Imagine that God created the whole universe with out pillars. That is what God did. While some people are doubting, others are praising God.

I delivered eight children. Each one had its placenta. After pushing out the baby, I also pushed out the placenta.  It was really a miracle. This is what is called miracle. This is above medical science. This is above what men and women can do.

You must have been completely spent in the process.

Quite alright. It is not my might and power but by the spirit says the Lord. If not that God did  it, I don’t think that I would have been alive today. I heard about a woman that they operated and brought out five kids and the woman and three of the kids died.

In fact, I have found out that God loves me so much. And I never expected that this miracle was going to happen but to God be the glory. God decided to honour me this way. After I had the first baby and went back some months later, the hospital refused to attend to me.

They said I had fibroid and baby sac, that what I need was operation and I left. In fact, many hospitals refused to attend to me after. The feeling was that I had fibroid. Yes, my experience like you described in your first story is bizarre but it is true.

I dedicated my children on April 24 and an NTA station covered it. Your paper was not the first newspaper to cover my story. Last year, when my babies were just five, another national newspaper came from Lagos and did my story and published it.


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