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For me, less is more – Yosola Afemikhe

By Yemisi Abah

Yosola Afemikhe is the creative director Fascination Bespoke accessory. A fashion company that specializes in unique, custom made fascinators, hats and other fashion accessories. With profound emphasis on quality, creativity and exclusivity, Yosola’s work is gradually establishing her presence in the Nigerian fashion circuit.

With a thriving career as a business consultant to United Kingdom based AXA and EMB insurance companies at different times, the graduate of Southampton University, United Kingdom and a second degree in International business from Hertfordshire University choose to return home recently to pursue a childhood hobby in fascinators., the latest in hair piece that can be worn for weddings, black tie events, church, and on the red carpet.

What stands Fascination Bespoke accessory out from other hat makers?

Yosola Afemikhe wearing her facinator

All accessories from fascination are hand made. We create couture item to perfectly compliment client personality, outfit and occasion.

It could be for a bride looking for a traditional birdcage veil or a modern alternative contemporary fascinator. Alternatively, for bridesmaids and anyone interested in being individual and unique, our fascinator hats and fans compliment your look.

Apart from the quality of her hairpieces, hats and fans most of our creations can also be reproduced to order; embellished on or created in different colours.

What inspires you?

It is more of a passion that I have I don’t look at the financial reward yet, it is just away to express my creative ideas and doing something tangible so to speak, that I can see and other people can also appreciate, and seeing people around wear my designs gives me that satisfaction, so the satisfaction at this point in time might not be financially rewarding.

How would you describe your designs?

They are unique, they are one up pieces. I love to infuse a lot of colours, there is also that bespoke element, in the sense that whatever I create for a client is for her and for her alone as opposed to mass produced.

What would make a prospective client patronize you?

I think especially in the Nigerian industry my fascinators and pieces are in a different league of its own, like I said earlier on you wouldn’t see any of my piece for the now, obviously till people start picking up. And also because I carefully select my raw materials, I don’t just pick anything I pick each piece, I look at each piece carefully.

What are you most comfortable in?

It depends on the occasion, I can wear a pant suit, it is comfort yet still stylish. I am not a tomboy neither are my a girlie girl, so my style is like a fusion of both. Some times I love bright colours, it depends on my mood, sometimes I go with black. So my style is anything that is comfortable for me and still elegant.

Best fashion item?

Well fascination is quintessentially bespoke accessories which you can see with my work so I embellish with rings I have got here or earrings but then whatever I do I try not to be too over the top, for instance because I have got this ring and this hat on I wouldn’t wear a long necklace in addition to what I have on. Some times less is more, sometimes you really have to be a bit “Over The Top” it is all about the combination and getting that balance.

Favourite holiday spot?

I haven’t really been to many places, but I would say Barbados because I went with my husband during our honeymoon. It a beautiful place.

What fashion item would you not be caught wearing?

Hot pants because I don’t think I have the physic to pull it off I don’t have the carriage to pull it off.

Most loved fashion accessory?

I Love brooches, because I feel brooches can always jazz up an outfit same with fascinators. But sometimes it might not be ideal to wear a fascinator, but with a brooch, it expresses individuality and also jazz up an outfit.

How do you unwind?

My hobby is fascination, I listen to music also, and that is also how I unwind. Working and listening to music, that for is relaxing.


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