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CAMPUS ‘RUNS’ How female undergraduates take to part-time prostitution

By Florence Amagiya
Some female undergraduates are gradually turning to prostitution  in their bid to meet up with the lifestyle they have  carved out for themselves on campus. Ordinarily, the higher institution is a place where the young adult finds herself alone for the first time in his or her life. He or she is forced to take decisions for  good or bad and if not properly guided, could make grave mistakes.

So, it appears normal when young adults indulge in sexual activities, especially if they are left on their own for a long time. In most cases, that will be the first time they are going into this act of free unchecked sex. Some of these young adults get heart broken or otherwise.

A new dimension has  howeverbeen added to this trend. It is called ‘sex for cash’ otherwise known as hustling and it is the order of the day in most higher institutions of learning. Although this infamous course does not earn anybody a degree, it’s so popular that many female undergraduates partake in it, not just to make ends meet but to make fortunes out of it.

According to Johnson, a final year student of University of Lagos (Unilag), who said he is a liaison officer in this illicit business. “If you drive to one of the female hostels on campus or off campus in the evenings, you will be surprised at what you will witness. Girls in every shape, colour and size will be parading, looking for any available guy who is loaded with cash and ready to spend. It is not really difficult to identify the student sex hawkers on campus. They give themselves away with their provocative dressing or their near nude dresses.

They could also be identified by their body language or general mannerisms. Different cars of different sizes drive into these hostels at this time of the evening to catch fun and you will definitely get your groove if you have the money to waste on these girls”.

In Lagos State University, Ojo (Lasu) Saturday Vanguard met Kemi, the owner of one of the restaurants off campus who told us that “sex business among LASU female students is big and it is getting bigger by the day and hermy  business is booming also as the girls are busy bringing men to restaurants to spend money on drinks and pepper soup which is in high demand and sometimes I am  not able to meet up with their demands”  According to her, the business of selling drinks and pepper soup to these girls is bigger and better when the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) is on strike.

In University of Benin (Uniben), Gloria, a third year student told us that these girls strut their stuff without a care in the world and  they have elevated their trade to an art. They compete, like professionals, to attract the attention of men and if by stroke of luck they are opportuned to travel, they do without a care to long distances to see their  aristoes. They definitely have people they pay to write tests, assignments and even examinations for them. They eventually graduate but  cannot defend their degrees and sometimes one is forced to wonder  if they ever visited the four corners of the University”.

In Enugu, Uche told us that, “these ladies with the help of male and female pimps whose business is to get good deals for mouth- watering percentages sleep with  politicians and other highly placed individuals. They are the same ladies you meet in your hotel rooms after the long party you had with your friends downstairs. Some of them are thieves, others are killers and some of them come protected with charms and everything they can lay their hands on. They know like every good business man going for a deal to be prepared, that life is survival of the fittest or smartest”.

Recent reports reveal that these girls are into networking of this trade.  They stand in for each other if the other person is busy somewhere with another customer. The friend available takes charge and gives the friend’s customer a delicious treat while apologizing on her friend’s behalf and vice versa.  The ones who remain on campus have their photographs placed in albums in hotels and get calls when a prospective client is interested.

Psychologists advice that parents and guardians  take care of their wards. They should know that a growing child cannot be bigger than her parents. They should be able to visit these children at school to know when they are in session or when they are not.  These children should know that they should be home during holidays or strike period.  Parents are advised to find out the kind of life kids are living on campus, where they  get the money they lavish on themselves  and  put a check on them on time.  And always remember that a stitch in time saves nine.


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