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Ascertaining divine guidance!


IN a world where several forces compete and contend for a man’s attention, seeking to lead him, it has become imperative that we be able to identify which leading is of God and which is not. One major characteristic of divine guidance is that it has its source in God. It is God’s revealed plan, and therefore, must be traceable to Him. Any guidance that does not have its source in God will lead to destruction. So, don’t go running with just anything you receive. Prove its veracity first. How do you determine the accuracy of the leading you have received? Let me show you how.

God’s Word: God’s Word is the surest tool for proving a vision. When you receive any guidance, first illuminate your spirit in God’s Word for a backing, before you step out in its pursuit. By so doing, you have the double assurance that it is from God, because God will only back up what He has said. Jesus, the Son of God, was faced with this trick of the devil on the mountain of temptation (Matthew 4:1-11).

The devil quoted scriptures to Him, but He was not moved. This was because He had the right scriptures to set the devil running. Therefore, wisdom demands that before you start running with a leading or any word you have received, first subject it to biblical examinations. Check out its accuracy, sieve off the unwanted elements and hold on to the substance. If God’s Word could be subjected to testing (Psalm 12:6), then every vision you receive must be properly scrutinized also.

Identify the personality behind the voice: Another way of proving the vision or word you have received is by determining the personality behind the voice. This is because there are many voices all around seeking to grab man’s attention. Since divine guidance involves communication, it has become necessary to ascertain the personality behind the voice you have heard. Not all voices are of God.

There are the authentic voice of God, the voice of your spirit-man and the voice of the devil. Only one of them—God’s voice—is reliable and dependable. I once heard something which I thought was from God. God later questioned me about it and I reminded Him that that was what He said. But He said to me: “No, that was the voice of your spirit-man. You heard yourself.” The voice of your spirit-man is not absolutely reliable. It may be biased because it might have some elements of carnality in it. This is where you must watch it!

The peace of God: A key acid test for determining the voice of God is His peace. All God-given guidance is characterized by His peace that follows. Guidance and peace are covenant partners; so when you receive guidance and rest is driven away from you, then re-examine the guidance. God’s voice ministers peace to whom it is sent (Psalm 85:8). If peace is absent after a leading, then watch it; it must be the stranger hiding at a corner to rob you of what belongs to you. When you are upset, it is the enemy planning to crash your destiny! However, for God to work in you, you must first be at rest (Exodus 14:14). If God must take over, then you must hold your peace.

Supernatural enablement: Everywhere God leads you, He provides supernatural enablement that empowers you to go on that way (Judges 6:14). Anything God leads you into doing, He gives you the matching strength to accomplish it. So, whenever you lack the might for an assignment, check whether it is God’s plan you are running or your own.

Supernatural favour: Another acid test is the favour of God, which always trails His plans. Every plan of God enjoys His good hand upon it, which provokes His favour from strange quarters. The favour of God was what gave us the land upon which Canaan Land is built. This is because there are no human mechanics you can use to purchase 530 acres of land from the owners! God’s favour was at work.


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