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2011 World Cup: Falcons may not go far – Amiesimaka


Former Nigerian International Adokiye Amiesimaka has predicted that the Super Falcons may not go beyond the group stage in the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Germany as they battle France in their opening game today, following their poor foundation and preparation. 

“To be honest I’m not really interested in female football because we are not serious about it. If we are one of the participants in the World Cup so what? What about out local league. I believe in a solid foundation, we should talk about sustainable development not only in the economic field, not only in political field but even in sports, and the social sector, we should be heard. 

We cannot talk about sustainable development without going back to the root. Sustainability comes with solid foundation. What kind of league do we have, our domestic league should be our main focus. We should build from the main ground. We think we can build from the top, we can’t .

 If one wants to put a structure, you start from the ground not from the roof. We are not thinking about the end and we are not bothered on how we will get there. Whether by hook or crook, anyhow, just get there.

 So I am not so keen about the female football thing because I know, we have not yet put our house in order. The tragedy of it is that we do not seem to want to start, it’s like we keep on postponing the evil day. Whether it is the Super Eagles or the female team, the team must be grounded. We are not addressing issues the way it should be and it not good enough.”

Continuing, Amiesimaka said:”Even as we are in this competition we will not get anywhere, they can as well be  in New Zealand for one year, that is not the issue. If  you want to expose your players, you start exposing them in their early ages.  If you remember the Under-17 team that was presented by different countries in 2009 in Nigeria, mere looking at them you do not need age declaration or birth certificate.

Looking at their faces you know that these are young boys, it does not really matter if they lose, the most important thing is the exposure given to them in their early ages and having caught them young before they go through  professional training processes over time. Where it matters is the senior team, just like the Falcons.

 They will not get anywhere because they do not have a solid foundation for the World Cup. Same is applicable to our Super Eagles. We always talk about our potential but we have not realized it, because we do not catch them young and do not expose them early.  We want to expose them when it is already late, when they are already at retirement age. It is not helping us. So being in Australia for one year is not going to make any difference. I can assure you  that it will not  lead us anywhere.

When we start to expose them in international competition by the time they are 19-20 they will add some physical maturity to it and with their experience, they will become unstoppable. Messi became best player in the world at the age of 22. I played for the national team when I was 19 and passed through processes, why is that we are in the dark.

They will only struggle, may score a goal or two or win one or two matches and it is going to end there. Though I wish them well but we can not beat Germany, Brazil, USA, these are the teams that matter in this competition. They should be our target, we should be able to aim high and to aim high we have to start well. But we are not starting well, that is why I say we may struggle depending on who will meet, we will win one or two matches and it is going to end there. But when we meet those that matter, we will not be able to stand it. Because they are solid and we are not “, he concluded


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