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Nigerians are trapped under misguided leaders, says Pastor Akinso

Pastor Oluwasegun Ebenezer Akinso, the General overseer of Cornerstone Tabernacle Ministry, Dublin is from Ondo City in Ondo State -now lives in Clondalkin a suburb situated 10 km west of Dublin City, Ireland – bares his mind on the political will of Nigeria and gives God’s counsel to the leaders and others.

Brief History and the calling;
My name is Pastor oluwasegun Ebenezer Akinso and indigene of Ondo town in Ondo state born in Ibadan ,Oyo state, Nigeria to the family of Late Elder David Babalola Akinso and Deaconess B.T Akinso.

On August15, 2002, at the end of a visionary encounter that lasted 7days, I saw people that had been oppressed, rejected, afflicted, defeated, disobedient to God’s word, battered by the powers of darkness that one could ever imagine, they were crying for help and deliverance and the word of God came “that the dry bone can live again in the book of Ezekiel and was confirmed in psalm 118 vs 22”.

Pastor oluwasegun Ebenezer Akinso

The stone which builders rejected is become the cornerstone of the house”and then came the mandate”the name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous runneth  into it, and is safe.”

This was the beginning of this great ministry today and according to the mandate given to me by God that led to deliverance and healing of many from different types of bondage through the efficacy of power of prevailing prayer.

View about Nigerian and the recent election

Nigeria came out after 50 years of deprivation to voted for the right people, people of their choice because, they refused selling their conscience for money or food, knowing this as the cause  of our generational failure from government to government in time past.

The vision that I, Pastor Oluwasegun Ebenezer Akinso,the General overseer of Cornerstone Tabernacle Ministry,  Dublin, Republic of Ireland had for our country, Nigeria in 1990 has came to reality at last, and that is that  the government of our nation would be ruled by God fearing man that will have the people’s yearning and aspiration in mind.

After many years of  wasteful  resources the man will transform the country from bad situation of no tangible infrastructures into a country of greatness has come.

It is pertinent to note that God loves us in that country and made it possible for the people to realise their previous mistakes and were able to correct it at this auspicious time of our country that people are more desperate, they want the best and I strongly believe that  God had finally answered our prayer with this credible, free and fair election.

This election won by President Goodluck Jonathan and his vice, Alhaji Namandi Sambo is dedicated to the silent dreamer with a passion for greatness to lead our country out of her present predicament and people who suffer from the intimidation of his culture and social context.

Let me tell you, that our people were  psychologically trapped  under the misconceptions of misguided leaders who had robbed us of  significant progresses in the country.

All am saying is that past leaders have robbed us of all that we ought to have attained since 1960 but thank God that we now have a man I can tell you is approved by God.

Counsel for Nigerian leaders
All true leaders are distinguished by their strong  sense of priorities. They are always clear about what is important to them and desire to attend to the principal and critical issue at hand, these are my advice to the people’s choice President Jonathan in his coming administration.

And the most important thing in life and leadership is to know what you are supposed to do at the right time, as what we do, therefore, determines who we are and what we become.

True leaders have a clear sense of what they want to do, the key to this ability is applying the principle of priority, such as; something that merits primary attention in the country like electricity, the president should do everything possible to save us from darkness as this is major problem of our nation.

This is something that must receive our primary resources and it’s something that has a right to supersede other things.

Let me also implore all Nigerians to join  hand with Mr. President by dedicating themselves to ensuring the country’s continued march into a new season of peace, harmony and socio-economic development that we need in our country.
God has a good intention for Nigeria but our leaders should stop selfish tendencies.


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