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If my wife carelessly killed my children, should I forgive her?

With Florence Amagiya

I heard the sad news of my children’s death. It was another April fool in the month of May! How can it be possible? How did it happen in the first place? What kind of a joke is this? I left these children whole and healthy before going to work that morning!

I left my apartment that fateful morning to my working place like I have always done for ten years now. Mary, my wife was home on vacation and my two beautiful children were on holiday so they were home. We had earlier on discussed that she will be going to the market to get stuff for the home and that she will be going with the children, now that we have an extra car for her use.

So, it was unbelievable when she called to say something was wrong. I was confused about what she was saying, but my Neighbour took the phone from her and advised that l come home immediately.

I got home and met people crying in my sitting room. My wife wasn’t with them, but I heard people whispering, that’s her husband and their daddy. I ran upstairs, but didn’t hear any sound from my children. I met my wife in my bedroom; her best friend and her best friend’s husband were consoling her. I also saw two lifeless bundles on my bed and asked my wife about them. She explained that my children were dead, that she only rushed out to get something from the market; she got back and found them in the freezer frozen to death. She cannot tell what had happened…

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Bob Manuel


Go for counseling

Bob-Manuel Udokwu, Actor

The issue here is a sorrowful one and I am so, so sorry.  I think the husband in question should forgive the wife, she was their mother and she will be going through trauma at the moment. I know she was careless to have left the children on their own at home, but she couldn’t have planned to kill her own children. I think both of them should go and see a psychiatrist for proper evaluation and counseling.

And after that, they should endeavour to see a Priest. I am talking about a Priest and not a Pastor because there are so many Pastors these days that are fake. More so, they should find time and see their families, there they should talk about the issue. Above all, the man should remain with the wife.

Love her for…


Ifeoma Onwudiwe



Ifeoma Onwudiwe, Business woman

The man should forgive his wife because no mother will sit and plan the downfall of her child. It is a mistake on her part and nobody is above mistake. Yes, it is painful to the man, but it should be more painful to the woman because she carried these children for nine months each and nurtured them till they get to that stage and age. That they died in such a way might even make her run mad. The man should understand this and please, l say please again to forgive, to love and to stay with the wife. God will console them together and in the shortest of time give them more children.



Doris Simeon


Forgive if she…

Doris Simeon, Actress

Forgiveness is the ultimate thing here. The husband should forgive the wife if she is sorry for what she did. He should bear in mind that nobody is beyond mistake. And it could have happened to anybody. I know it is a painful feeling, to loose a child, not to talk about two children, but God in His infinite wisdom and mercies will give them other children and heal their wounds.

Lessons must be…


Chinwe Isaac



Chinwe Isaac, Actress

It is a very sad situation, loosing two children at the same time and day as a result of your wife’s carelessness. She should be taught lessons, so she will be more careful next time. My advice to the man is to let go of the sad incident. He should love and forgive is wife’s carelessness because marriage is for better and for worse.  God will give him and his wife more children in the nearest future; get a nanny to watch the kids when she is not around. It is sad enough but she shouldn’t be killed for her mistakes, It could have happened anywhere.

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