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My brother killed my husband, should I forgive him?

The following dialogue ensued between a brother and his sister when she came calling at his house in search of her missing husband. Her husband had gone to her brother’s house the previous evening to collect the money her brother had borrowed from him and had refused to pay back. But while he was at her brother’s house, he called to tell her that her brother wasn’t still back and he has plan to wait for his return. But he didn’t make it back home.

Mama Blessing: Papa Blessing where are you! Why didn’t you come home last night? Why is your phone switched off? Johnson my brother where is my husband? I have being calling your line and his, but they are both switched off. I don’t like this game you and my husband are playing oh!

Johnson: Game ke! What kind of game do you mean? And what are you talking about?

Mama Blessing: where is my husband?

Johnson: your husband, what are you asking about him from me for? Is this his house? I haven’t seen him for two weeks! You remember when l visited your home two weeks ago? That was when I saw him last.

Mama Blessing: you are not serious Johnson! My husband told me he was coming to see you yesterday evening, and he even called to tell me that he was still waiting for you as at 9pm last night, that you were not yet back. I told him to be fast about it and to come home because it was getting late. What are you saying?

Johnson: Oh! I forgot he came, but he left after we finished discussing.

Mama Blessing: Discussing what? Why didn’t you remember to tell that when l first asked? Johnson where is my husband? I haven’t seen him oh! Where is my husband

While she was walking everywhere in the sitting room, she stepped onto something solid and bent to look at it. It was her husband’s phone. She screamed at her brother!

Mama Blessing: you mean my husband left your house without his phone! Wonders shall never end! Okay l am going on home when he comes l will ask him why he would leave his phone in your house when he knows l will worry.

But instead of going home like she told her brother, mama Blessing went straight to the police station to call the police and they found out after much investigation that Johnson had killed her husband and was about disposing the body…

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Nkem Ike

Forgive, but…

Nkem Ike, Actress

I will definitely ask to know what happened to warrant the death of my husband. If it is intentionally like this story then he is on his own, I know blood is thicker than water, but people have to learn to face the consequence of their actions. I will forgive him eventually, but that is not to say the law won’t take its course. He can defend himself in the court of law.

I will expose him to the law because if l don’t, then it would be assumed that l aided and abated a murderer. More so, l won’t be able to sleep if justice is not done. Besides, my in-laws would want to know what happened to their son and if they know eventually, they will think l connived with my brother to murder my husband.

It depends!

Lisa Onu

Lisa Onu, Actress

I will look at it in two perspectives, after confessing to a reverend father. To be honest, it will be difficult to see my brother locked up in prison, but if he doesn’t face the music, then he might kill somebody else another time. It will all depend if it’s an accident or deliberate act for me.

Chita Agwu

Dance to…

Chita Agwu, Actress

I won’t forgive a brother who kills my husband or any other person in cold blood. And even if l forgive him because he is human, he still has to face the law. If he is forced to face the capital sentence, so be it. At least others will learn from his experience and won’t plan that in future.

Investigation must…

Stephanie Chijioke

Stephanie Chijioke, Actress

If l am faced with this kind of situation, then l will be honest about it by calling in the police to do their jobs. I would want justice to take its right course. If my brother is guilty after proper investigation, then he has face the music. If he is not then he goes for man- slaughter.

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