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God showed me herbs to cure HIV & AIDS – PROPHET


Prophet Samuel Ogungbade

A SELF-PROFESSED Prophet, Samuel Ogungbade of the Bethlehem Parish, Celestial Church of Christ, Lagos has allegedly discovered an effective therapy that boosts the immune systems of persons living with HIV & AIDS.

The claimant, who has presented his therapy as a “cure”, while speaking to journalists in Lagos, alleged that a sizeable number of persons living with the virus which causes AIDS, who have been receiving treatment with the therapy, have shown tremendous improvement in their wellbeing and overall health.

Ogungbade who claimed that his therapy is 100 percent local herbs in content, said it was derived through divine revelation, but quickly added that he was ready to submit the treatment therapy for further investigations by the Federal or state government.

Asked if he was experienced in alternative medicine, he said “The therapy has been providing relief for patients in the last three years. It was about 15 years ago when my brother had HIV. Unfortunately no one knew what was wrong with him. And I was sent for. Thereafter, we took him to Infectious Diseases Hospital (IDH), Yaba, now Mainland Hospital. It was there he was diagnosed to have AIDS, which has no cure. About two or three weeks later, the boy died. He was the only brother I had.

“So, that incident prompted me to approach God in prayer. I inquired from Him why people could be dying just like that without solution or remedy to the ailment. I appealed to Him to provide me with a solution. So, God revealed to me in prayer the secret to the cure of HIV & AIDS. What He showed me were herbs with which I can heal people who have AIDS. These herbs, when used just wash the disease away”.

Ogungbade who joined the Celestial Church in 1984, lamented the stigma associated with HIV & AIDS, hinted that quite a good number of people had been treated with the therapy since he got the revelation and discovery of these herbs. “I have cured a good number of people who have HIV&AIDS. But the problem with this effort lies with the stigma associated with the condition. And this is the fact that many people who are living with the condition do not want people to know that they are affected.

“Even when they are cured, many of them still shy away from letting people know that they once had it and are now cured.”

Further, he said for marital reasons, some people, who may still be at the HIV stage wouldn’t want their spouses to know, while for others who are unmarried, would not want to be associated with HIV&AIDS.

“There are still people who are affected and are secretive about it; for the sake of their employers in order not to lose their jobs. This is the biggest challenge. Besides that, there are more than seven patients whom I have cured and were certified healed.”

On possible investigation by Governemnt officials, he said “I have been to several hospitals here to inform them I have the cure for HIV& AIDS. But nobody seems to believe me. All they’re telling me is that if America cannot find cure for the disease, no one else can succeed in finding the cure, so, no body is interested. But what people always fail to understand is that no one or race is a repository of knowledge. And that God also endowed Africans with diverse resources.”


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