For men who wish to express their styles with more than just solid colours, stripe has always been the way out. Stripes help you stay conservative with style, thereby distinguishing you from the crowd clad in solid colours like green, blue or white shirts. Although they are relatively easy to pull off, certain rules must be kept in mind when wearing stripes.

1. Opt for vertical

Except you’re above six feet tall, vertical stripes should be your best bet. Though more stylish, horizontal stripes have a way of creating the illusion of being over-weight, especially for men with extra pounds. On the other hand, vertical stripes help you look taller and less over-weight.

2. Keep it thin

Whether you opt for horizontal or vertical stripes, as a general guideline, you should keep them thin because wide stripes are not stylish.

3. Combine colours carefully

Avoid certain colour combinations; especially complementary colours- colors opposite one another on the color wheel. For example, do not mix blue with orange or red with green.

4. Pair pinstripes pants with solid shirts

For a trendy and sophisticated look, when wearing pinstripes pants which are becoming increasingly popular, consider pairing them with a solid colour shirt.

5. Wear pinstripes socks

Stick to pinstripes with very subtle color contrasts if you must wear socks with stripes.

6. Find a good pinstripe suit

Nothing pulls off better than a good pinstripes suit atop a solid colour shirt that matches the colour of the stripe. If you must wear a pinstripe suit with a pinstripe shirt, make sure they both have stripes .


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