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Make your votes count, Aka Ikenga urges Nigerians

By Tony Nwankwo
Igbo who troop into polling stations next tomorrow must not only vote for President Goodluck Jonathan, but also ensure they vote carefully so that their votes would not be voided.

Speaking at a press conference in Lagos, Aka Ikenga President, Dr. Sylvanus Ebigwei, said his organisation had been in the forefront in the appeal for Ndigbo to show solidarity for Jonathan’s victory in the elections.

He said: “Jonathan will be the best to serve the interest of the country, fix the economy and most importantly, we the Igbo, have to show our cousins in Ijawland and our peripheral neighbours that their fight can be our fight in the spirit of old Eastern region”.

Ebigwei said “supporting Jonathan is a way to bridge that gap, show love and concern, win or lose, let it be said that when an Ijaw man was going to battle, the Igbo man took his bow and arrow, followed him and was in the forefront to help him fight the battle.

“Psychologically, this will help bridge the gap of communication, love, unity and the gap of peace that has eluded Ndigbo and their brothers that has existed after the civil war.”

The Aka Ikenga boss said Jonathan had proved he had the capacity to take Nigeria to greater heights within the few months he had been in the saddle.

“We advise the Igbo man, wherever he may be, in the country, to go out on Saturday and vote for President Goodluck Jonathan because Ndigbo have sown their political votes for Jonathan’s political island, and his fight has become our fight,” he said.

He urged Nigerians to show solidarity in the Jonathan ticket for the peace and development of the nation.


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