AHMED Mohammed, the suspected bomb courier who was arrested by the Police last week after a bomb in his custody went off abandoned his wife and son for a new life away from them, according to findings by Saturday Vanguard.

His alleged accomplice died in the blast while Mohammed was seriously injured. He was taken to the hospital for treatment but has been relocated by the Police for security reasons.

Mohammed, in a chat with newsmen on his sick bed last week had feigned ignorance of the use to which his accomplice wanted to put the bomb.

“I don’t know what he wanted to use it for. What happened was that when we met at Mahuta, he received a call and suddenly two people appeared in a black Mercedes 1290. One of the occupants is an Arab and the other a Nigerian, gave him the parcel which he confirmed to me to be a bomb. The bomb accidentally exploded just as I was about asking him what he intended to do with it,” he said.

However, investigation at Rigassa, Kaduna revealed that he is the 27th child of a trader, named Alhaji Mohammed Na Lado.

Most of the residents approached by Saturday Vanguard were reluctant to discuss the incident for fear that members of Boko Haram might be watching over them. Those close to him or his relations felt too embarrassed to be identified with him.

Only a woman and a man agreed to talk but on the condition that the interview would be held outside of Rigasa and their names be left out of print.

One of them said Mohammed’s father in particular was highly embarrassed.
The suspect is said to be married to one Mairo with whom he has a boy. He allegedly abandoned them to go and live at Mahuta.

Mohammed had his primary and secondary education at Rigassa, and was helping his father in buying and selling.
But some two years ago, he began following a cleric who claims to “teach the real Islam.”

“His view toward mainstream Islam was that of scorn”, said the source. “He believes that Muslims have no business leaving among non_ Muslims, if they must not be subdued,”, he added.

“He started travelling a lot, and each time he came back, some strange people, sometimes Arabs came visiting”.
“He had lots of disagreement with his father, to the extent that he was thrown out of the family home and he moved to live with members of his sect, leaving behind his wife and a child”.

“It was while he was with members of his sect that he got the entire freedom he wanted”.

“They are always fighting the local Muslims there, threatening to wipe them out”.

“We have been hearing rumours that these people have weapons and even bombs. Some have actually boasted that they can make bombs”.

The Police would not say where Mohammed has been moved to.
The Kaduna State Police Spokesman, DSP Aminu Lawan told Saturday Vanguard that he had been moved.
“All I can tell you is Mohammed has been moved from that hospital to a more secured place”, he said.
“He is receiving treatment and is responding very well”, he said,

“He has been cooperating and is giving useful information to the Police”, he said.
“We are carrying out our investigation. When we are through and he is well enough, he shall be arraigned in Court appropriately”, he said.

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