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Coalition flays blackmail politics in Akwa Ibom

 UYO-A COALITION of socio-cultural groups in Akwa Ibom State, under the aegis of the Akwa Ibom Peoples Vanguard, has condemned the latest acts of desperation by ACN, featuring the release of fake text messages deliberately designed to incite acrimony among the various ethnic groups in the state after last weekend’s elections.

Various text messages have purportedly been ascribed to some socio-cultural groups with malicious messages that could incite ethnic hatred. But some of the groups which they ascribed the messages to have promptly dissociated themselves from the hate campaign.

Facilitator of the vanguard, Chief Nsikak Ebong, said: “These people are frustrated with the verdict of the electorate and as you can see from their antecedents, they are ready to do anything to set the state on fire since they cannot lay their hands on the treasury of the state.”

Also reacting to the messages of ethnic hatred, Elder Nteyen Oduyong, a prominent Oro opinion leader and chieftain of Oro Peoples Federation, described ACN as a cabal of blacmailers who could wreck the state if given the opportunity to govern the state.


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