They might be wonderful at reaching the top shelf, but when it comes to looking spiffy, men with heights above six feet suffer great challenges because it is usually difficult to find clothes that are perfectly fitting for them. This is partly because their bodies are slightly different in structure. This is not to say that men liberally gifted in heights are doomed to be out-of-style. Of course not at all because with only a few fashion tips, they can have that super, spiffy and confident look they desire.

Rule 1:

Avoid vertically striped designs as it adds to the height and thinness(for tall slim men). Large prints such as check(large checks) shirts are great for tall men. Big print casual shirts can also tone down your height.

Rule 2:

Avoid clinging clothes. Go for fabrics that have fullness and softness.

Rule 3:

Avoid monochrome outfits like suits. Wear different colour top and bottom to break the length of your appearance.

Rule 4:

Avoid wearing baggy clothes and low_slung jeans.

Rule 5:

Have cuff trousers to help break the visual effect of your height. For tall and thin men, pleated trousers can also add volume.

Rule 6:

Opt for t_shirts that have polo necks to balance your long neck. Wide patterned ties can also draw attention away from your tall height.

Rule 7:

Never wear big shoulder padded blazers, padded jackets and short jackets.

Rule 8:

Avoid wearing trousers on your belly; ensure they are on your waist. Also make sure your pants or trousers are longer than your normal length.

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