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The prize money, my motivation – Emma the Great

By Ogbonna Amadi
Entertainment Editor and Opeoluwa Akintayo
When the announcement was first made public, the rush to identify with the project was maddening. Thousands of young wannabe and even tested hands besieged the screening centres.

Emma the Great
By the time curtains fell, only 10,000 met the standard required by the judges.

Gradually, the crowd thinned down to fifty and then twenty, ten and finally as at Thursday(yesterday) morning, only four contestants were the only Nigerians considered good enough for the final challenge and race to be crowned Nigerian Idol 2011.

And before the final showdown Weekend Groove team hosted the final four at our Kiri-kiri Canal office.
The Interaction was as interesting as it was revealing.

Take for instance, during our chat, we discovered that two of the final four contestants comprising of three ladies and a guy were born to musician fathers.

Naomi Mac’s father, Mac Duama was a former photo journalist and a recording musician on Ivory Music (Formerly called EMI Records) label.

And for Yeka Onka (real names Onyekachi Gilbert Onwuka) who was twice rejected at two screening centers for not having the voice and who eventually found succour at the Lagos screening centre, being born to late gospel musician, G.T. Onwuka, has remained a blessing in her quest for excellence.

And in spite of the seeming advantage, the duo of Emmanuel Dioha a.k.a. Emmanuel the Great and Biodun Bello a.k.a. Bibi showed no emotion about their determination to carry the day.

They shared their dreams and aspirations.

The prize money, my motivation – Emma the Great

Emmanuel Patrick Dioha,(Emmanuel the great) was the list perturbed of the four final contestants, when they came calling.

He is the only male in the middle of three other contestants. Full of confidence, he tells everyone who cares to listen, that he is the next Nigerian Idol. This is his story.

How did you get into the Nigerian Idol?

A friend who was also a contestant suggested that we go for the audition and she constantly reminded me until the screening begun.

It’s been stressful from the time of the audition till now, from the first 100, to 50 and up to the last four.

The learning process was stressful too but I’m grateful to God for it and to the sponsors too.

What has kept you going through the competition?

First, it’s God and then the money that has kept motivated me. My family and friends too motivated me

Does it mean that your voice didn’t motivate you?

Well my voice is the instrument I use

What are your chances of winning this competition?

Well, since I’m the last man standing, I’m hoping that the female will support me. And I think I stand the chance of being the Idol which I am already

What will you do with the money when you get it?

I’ll pay, my tithe first. I also have some personal things I’ll like to take care of

What advice do you have for others?

It’s a platform and they should take advantage of it.

Since you’re the last man standing, don’t you think the female folks may plan against you?

I hope not. In fact I’m begging them not to. destiny. I still told myself that I had to work harder.


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