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Star Quest, youth empowerment & economic question

By Princewill Ekwujuru
Since Star Larger identified music as a platform to promote its brand image and entrench visibility in the market place, and to make the brand resonate more to its core target audience who are constantly on the go and adventurous, the brand had leaned on its talent hunt show to empower youths.

To further leverage on its  brand visibility and to connect with the youth segment, the  brand owned by Nigerian Breweries Plc, instituted the Star Quest, a talent hunt show skewed to discover music talents in the country.

The company accordingly had said it took the initiative to reduce  unemployment rate in a country where 60 percent of the youths are unemployed and talents re wasting day after day.

In the 10 years of sponsoring the talent show, to be precise 2002, the company said it has invested millions to change the life of  youths who are the main economic fact of the country.

The show according to the company has produced both internationally recognized and upcoming musical talents; KC Presh, D’Accord, D’Jewels, Diamonds, The Pulse and Jukebox. These groups have flourishing musical careers that include performances in Star Trek and Star Mega Jam, both Nigeria’s foremost music concerts sponsored by Star.

The audition train of the Star Quest regional auditions had moved from Abuja to Enugu, then Benin. The Lagos auditioning was the last in the series of auditions for 2011 Star Quest.

The National Arts Theatre, venue for this year’s audition for Lagos residents was a beehive of affairs which passed  nothing short of a gathering for a town hall meeting.

With the number of prospective applicants for the slot to participate in the show, if it had been in any of the North African or Middle Eastern countries, the country’s leadership would most likely become jittery at the news of the gathering of this mammoth crowd.

The downfall of the authoritarian governments of Tunisia and Egypt – and other countries of Arab descent likely to follow – had their roots in similar gatherings.


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