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Software: Forum tasks graduates on employment

By emeka aginam

With about 200 students from secondary schools across Lagos State participating in the just concluded Nigerian Digital Sense Africa forum held in Lagos last week, school leavers have been tasked to seek self-employment through software writing, incubation, and development.

Leading the speakers in propagating job creation through software incubation among graduates, the President of Software Practitioners of Nigeria, (ISPON) Chris Uwaje told the gathering that the future of youths lies in their ability ro use IT tools and knowledge for global competitiveness. Uwaje, without mincing worlds noted that the 21st century knowledge economy holds a lot for talented graduates.

“There are enough tools to master the IT skill challenges. What is missing is innovative and creative vision and the motivational psychology to break the ice in the learning curve. The Nigerian workforce need to the retooled for innovatibility and creativity. Youths must engage the challenges and realize their dreams This is the time.” Uwaje said.

Believing that the future generation may not forgive any government that fails to empower them with right IT tools for the challenges ahead, the ISPON President noted that unemployed graduates must begin now to explore the opportunities in the multimedia digital era so as to compete in the knowledge olympiad.

For Emanuel Ekuwen, the immediate past President of Association of Telecommunication Companies of Nigeria, (ATCON), who has been encouraging youth efforts, unemployed graduates should be careful with politicians who may wish to give them AK47 gun for political thuggery.

“Use your creativity, innovation, vision to create jobs using IT tools. You can do it with perseverance in this multimedia digital era. You do not have to look job. You can be job creator if you use your talents well” Ekuwen said.

For Mohammed Rudman, Chief Executive Officer of Internet exchange point of Nigeria, (IXPN), graduates who look for job may not have realized the powers of the internet. According to him, graduates should use the little resources hey have to invest in IT tools and training so as to be the employers of labor.

“It is amazing that graduates still hang on looking for job when they can create jobs themselves through software incubation. Slave trade is gone. Industry revolution is gone. This is IT era. Use the opportunities available in this era to equip yourselves” he told the students.


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