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Some people don’t have conscience – Daniel

Those who booed me were hired from Lagos at 20000 each

From Kolade Larewaju
ABEOKUTA  – GOVERNOR Olugbenga Daniel of Ogun State has alleged that those who booed him at the Saturday Presidential rally of President Goodluck Jonathan were hired from two higher institutions in Lagos and were each paid N20, 000 to do the hatchet job.

He said that some people were against him because in the last eight years of his administration, he did not go through them to rule the state and described those who were against him as “undertakers”

Daniel who spoke at the Sagamu Stadium venue of a rally organized by the Gateway Teachers Forum to honor him also in a veiled reference to former President Olusegun Obasanjo; Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] said that some people who claimed to be conscience of the country do not even have the conscience to do that which is right.

Addressing the rally to honor him, Daniel said “In the last eight years, I stood by you through thick and thin, through difficulties. But let me also say that we made history because in the last eight years, we didn’t go through anyone to rule of any sort.
“In eight years, teachers of Ogun State did not need to go on the streets because whatever your entitlements before you asked for it, we did it for you.

It is therefore important that we shine our eyes; we open our eyes very wide. The undertakers have come; by the special grace of God their coffin will have no body.

“When they speak in public, they speak from the perspective of what they have done and the
way they are doing things. Their imagination is that the way they do things is the way everybody does things; they did not understand; they cannot imagine that God has been truly with us; they cannot even understand how we did what we did. We know the amount of cost that it
cost them.

“I’ll give you a typical example: there was a stadium is Abuja, you were told it cost N30 billion. Now, can an international stadium be better than this? This one cost less than five percent of
what they used to build that stadium.

“You are our teachers, you are our brothers, you are our sisters; you are the conscience of this country. Some people parade themselves and say they are the conscience of the country. How can they be conscience of the country when they don’t have the capacity to do what is right without minding whose ox is gored? A bad man cannot be a conscience of the country.

“On Saturday, they hired some people. We have found out; they hired people to the stadium in Abeokuta. The people that they hired have now come to us to confess. Some of them from the Lagos State College of Education, Ijanikin, some of them from the Polytechnic in Lagos confessed; they said each and every one of them they paid them N2000 each to come to the rally to come and boo OGD”.

Governor Daniel who said that very soon, he would open up on many things happening in the state said that all that he had touched in the state had been turned to gold and that he may bee returning to the teaching profession, where he said he started his life.

He said “In Ogun State, whether people like it or not, we have brought out the best in everything that we have touched. We have brought out the best in education. As you aware, in the last few years, we have employed 10,000 teachers in secondary schools alone. I am not aware of any state in this country that has been able to do this in this in the last 8 years. If that state exists, I like to be challenged.

“We have created legacies that nobody can change. We have created confidence in the lives of our teachers. Ordinarily, many people don’t want to teach because they believed that there is nothing there. We are happy today that as we have Permanent Secretaries; so we have Principal Generals.

“The last 8 years that I have been serving you as the governor of Ogun State, something tells me that am still going to go back to teaching”


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