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MEND changes gear, vows to strike without prior notice

By Emma Amaize
MOVEMENT for the Emancipation of the Niger-Delta, MEND, said, yesterday, that it would now carry out bombing and attacks in Lagos, Abuja and Niger-Delta without prior notification as promised earlier since the government was treating its threat as a joke.

The militant group in a statement by its spokesperson, Jomo Gbomo, also said the news that the United States was training Nigerian policemen on bomb detection was a laughable one.

“We gather that some agents from the United States are training some members of the Nigerian police force in bomb detection, detonation and making improvised bombs. We find this very laughable coming from a country that cannot guarantee its own citizen’s security with their overwhelmed prison system. coupled with a useless and corrupt Nigerian police and security force that will end up selling this knowledge”, the group said.

Accordnng to the statement, “The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (M.E.N.D) wishes to strongly advise the general public and all oil companies to disregard all attempts by the Nigerian government and security services in dismissing our latest threat”.

“In light of these attempts by the Nigerian security services, we may resort to carry out all bomb blasts without prior notification and then issue a statement of claim after wards”, it asserted.

“Anyone caught up in these blasts due to their ignorance would only have themselves and the government to blame. The same government that would abandon the casualties in an unequipped teaching hospital while their family members travel abroad for medical treatment.

“The government of Goodluck Jonathan has formed a habit of blaming its political opponents in other bomb attacks so when we start to strike, we will sit back and watch how the blame game will continue to be played out by the government after our statements of claims has being issued.

“We finally reiterate our desire to avoid any civilian casualties and again strongly warn the general public to stay clear of any political gathering or meeting of any sort as we know our targets”, it said.


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