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It’s my time to shine – BiBi

Most people watching the Nigerian Idol series on TV hardly remembers that her real names are Biodun Bello.

Biodun Lydia Biodun
Bibi as she is more fondly called by all brought not only her voice to the show but a swag that seemed to have captured the heart of even some of the judges. She is the lady to watch and one who may spring the surprise. She tells her story.

What are your chances?

I’ll say a 100%. I think I have all it takes. I have the total package. Because when it comes to music, it’s not all about your voice, it’s about your presentation, your band, your looks and your character.

What has kept you going in the competition?

I will not credit anything to myself because I think it’s God’s grace. I can’t believe I’m here but it’s not that I don’t believe I can sing. Because many people who are better that I am are already out.

At every eviction, I always thought I’d be the one to leave but I’ve scaled through. And I think it’s my time to showcase what God has given to me.

Did you know you could sing?

I actually thought that I could, not until I got here and met the likes of Naomi Mac, Yeka and Emmanuel, they’re all great performers. I totally believe in divinity and God’s time, and I believe it’s my time.

What do you think are your strength?

I think people just don’t want me to leave. They just feel that I have the package and lots of people have walked up to me to tell me that I have what it takes. And I know there’s a high expectation on me to be the best.

Do you think what they told you is true?

Yes I believe. I know that I’m an attractive person with a great voice and can fit into the music industry.

What will you do with the money if you win?

After paying my tithes, I’ll go into charity projects.


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