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If you caught your Mum compromising, would you tell your Dad?

Emeka hails from a family where decency is the order of the day. He grew up listening to his mum talk about the Almighty God and His manifold blessings. His mother also used to make references to hell, damnation and heaven a place for the righteous.

Emeka was disappointed the day he caught his mum ‘pant down’ with another man. He had hurried into the bedroom to pick up his flash drive, which he forgot while working on his father’s computer. But lo! And behold, he was confronted with the unexpected. His Dad’s best friend who has been living with them, was in bed with his mum…


It’s dicey and clumsy! – Bouqui, Artiste

It is a clumsy case l must say because even if l threaten to tell my dad, it might not make her change. I can only help her by asking what is wrong. Something must definitely be wrong because it is not natural for women or mothers to just start sleeping with other men or keeping lovers other than their husbands. It is either their man is cheating on them and they want to get even or their man is not satisfying them. But this is still not right because if you have a problem, you should be able to discuss it with your spouse, so that it can be solved. Telling my dad about it might just worsen an already bad case. I will only tell my dad if after speaking with her, counsel her and looking for possible solutions, she goes back to the same act. Then l will know she has a problem and l won’t be able to handle it on my own.


No way – Paul Play, Artiste
In an ugly situation like this, l think decorum should be the word go. The person we are talking about is my own mother, not another person’s. So, l should apply wisdom because l will be the looser, if l am not careful. If my father gets to know and they are separated and divorced, then l will have two homes and my mother will not forgive me. I don’t think l am ready for that to happen.


Will beat her up! – Faith Eriata, Model
My mum is not only a mother to me, she is also my best friend, so telling my dad that l caught her with another man is out of the question. He will only worsen the case, so l will beat her up and ask her to go to church for confession. As for the man, l will promise him the beating of his life when l catch him.


Won’t do that! – Amachree, Artiste
I won’t tell my father if l am in this situation. I will talk to my mother to know why she is doing it and advice her to change. Telling my father about it will only scatter their marriage. And certainly, it will also affect me because if my Parents are not happy then l and my siblings will be unhappy.

‘Can’t even think…’ – Rotimi Rasak, Actor


The issue is heart wrenching, but I won’t tell my dad about it because it will be the end of their relationship and marriage. It will also be the end of the family unity. You see, there is a close tie in my house, l think l rather keep it that way and find a way to resolve my mum’s issue.


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