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Daniel dares OBJ

ABEOKUTA – OGUN STATE Governor Gbenga Daniel, yesterday, challenged former President Olusegun Obasanjo to give him a copy of the petition he reportedly sent to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, about financial improprieties by his administration.

Gbenga and Obasanjo

The governor who was speaking at his Asoludero home in Sagamu said: “I heard former President Olusegun Obasanjo  has written a petition to the EFCC against our government and we have challenged EFCC to come forward with that petition and they have not.

“If he feels strong enough to write a petition against a sitting governor, if  he is not a coward, he should be able to copy that governor to say ‘I have written a petition against you and this is a copy of the petition.’

“I can only believe or assume that it is not true. One newspaper reported it and no other paper said anything about it, but because it was speculative and we heard it in the media, we believe that for whatever it is worth, let the Attorney General write to the EFCC so that the copy of the petition can come out.

“When we are still here, we can dig out the facts because it is in the public court. It should be brought out for the world to see. At least, as I speak with  you, it is still in the speculative and that was why I challenge anybody who had any information about any missing dime of Ogun State to say so publicly.

Open administration

“Fraud is fraud and if something has gone wrong it has gone wrong. What we run in Ogun State is completely open administration. I think this is part of the deliberate ploy, because most of the time, what people want to believe about public deterrents is the negative.

“I don’t want to walk on  the street and some one will accuse me of something I know nothing of  because someone has written a petition which he is not bold enough to bring forward.

“If it’s about the soul of Ogun State, we had a process. In all these, I have faced the opposition for about five to six years, fair enough and in all that, we kept doing our work, hoping that the next process would come out.

“This is the beauty of democracy; that if there are issues, you can battle them.”


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