In buying a single-breasted suit, one of the first decisions you’ll ever have to make is whether you are interested in a two or three- button model. Though the 3-button suit has held sway from time immemorial due to its conventionality, the 2-button which is weighted heavily towards style has been increasingly in vogue in recent times. Though both models offer elegance, having in mind the exact figure you desire could go a long way in helping you decide on a 2 or 3-button single-breasted suit since they both have their advantages.

Two-button suit


Excellent for casual

Accentuates the shoulders

Helps shows off dress shirt and tie

Typically more traditional

Much lower V-point

Lengthens the torso

Beneficial for men with short torso

Three-button suit More conventional and formal

Very European

A bit more conservative

Looks good when worn atop vests

Allows for leaving the lowest button undone

Higher closure and straight silhouette

Beneficial therefore for taller men


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