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An older woman, would you marry her?

With Florence Amagiya

‘Marriage is the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a legal, consensual, and contractual relationship recognized by the law’. Marriage is binding on the two parties involved and the dissolving of the contract can only happen through the legal process of divorce.

But for most people, marriage has meaning beyond the legal sense. It is also an agreement between the man and the woman. Husband and wife take certain vows, to love one another, to cherish one another, and to stay together through sickness and health, for better and for worse. In youthfulness and during old age?

Do people go into marriage for the wrong reasons? Should what we feel play a major rule when deciding who to date or marry? Or should we listen to what people may say?

Our Stars and Nigerians have this to say

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charlie boy

Charly Boy, Artiste

An older woman is only somebody older than you. It doesn’t have anything to do with your emotions. You can prefer her because of her comportment, maturity and other qualities the younger woman doesn’t have. I have always told people to live their lives for themselves instead of for other people. So if it is an older woman you have come to love, then I advice that you go for her and be happy. What other people says doesn’t matter. What matters is you and your immediate family which is her.

Benita Nzeribe


If he’s mature, ok

Benita Nzeribe, Actress
If I am in love with a guy and finds out that l am older than him and he proposes, l will marry him. Age is only a factor of our imagination. In the first place before l said yes to his toasting, he must have proven that he is mature and worth my attention. Why should l be bothered about his age when he is talking about marriage, when l wasn’t bothered when we were just dating?


Ricardo Agbor

Go all the way!

Ricardo Agbor,Actor

I don’t think the age factor is anything or barrier when there is love. if i love a woman and finds out that she is older, it won’t be an issue. It is just that we are often move by what people think, we should not live or lives because of what people will say, but because of how we feel if we are not offending the Almigthy  and  intruding  on people’s rigth then we are  good  to go.


Why not

Iyanya, Artiste
Age is nothing but numbers. And it is not written on the forehead of any body.  So if l am interested in a woman and finds out that she is older, you mean l should let go because she is older? I will go on with the wedding. We have older women who are better packaged in appearance and everything more than the younger women. Age is not a factor for love and understanding. Who needs a ‘cry baby’ around him when someone who can handle situation is there?

Marry him if…

Cynthia Ohwofa, Cosmetologist

Cynthia Ohwofia

It is not written on the stars that you must love and marry your age mate or an older person. It is just a mind set. Life is supposed to be lived! Most of us live our lives for other people. Most often times, we live lives of regret and ‘had I know’! Life is too short and precious to me and l don’t also want to regret not loving right. So if a younger man falls in love with me and l feel the same way about him. What’s stopping us from doing the right thing, especially if he is a mature and an understanding person. Age is not when you were born, but how you see life.


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