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Amaechi tackles opposition in Rivers

Following series of attacks on his administration by opposition candidates for the office of governor in Rivers State, the state governor, Chibuike Amaechi, has been defending the policies of his administration and what he has been doing for the state.

Addressing the people of Eleme Local Government Area, during his campaign rally at the weekend, Amaechi said that his administration’s policy on education was aimed at reducing crime on the streets and create employment. He accused his opponents of fostering insecurity in the state when they served in government rather than develop their areas.

Assuring the people of protection, Amaechi urged them not to allow murderous people to take over the state by coming out en masse to cast their votes for the right candidates on election days.

“Part of the oath of the governor is to protect lives and property. I will not serve as a governor that will kill human beings.

“One assurance I will give you is that I will protect Eleme people just like I will protect Ikwere people, Okrika people and the rest of Rivers State,” he said.

“A man from Okrika went to the National Assembly to protest the appointment of a Minister; few days after he came back he was killed. They killed him; they shot. In front of his wife and children he was killed for criticizing the appointment of a minister. Not only has the man’s life been taken, have we asked ourselves what about the employment or the feeding of the wife and children? They have created unemployment in that family and poverty in that family…”

“The number of widows we have now are more than the ones we had had before and these widows, their husbands did not die because they wanted to die. These women became widows because somebody bought people arms and they killed their husbands.”

“As speaker I never killed my people. And I protested the killing of Okrika people because you can replace everything but you can’t replace life.”

Governor Amaechi lamented that many companies left the State, leaving many persons jobless because of the insecurity fostered by those who are now his opponents in the April 2011 governorship poll.

“The fact that they were killing our people affected unemployment because the companies ran away. It is now that industries are coming back because we are creating a conducive environment.”


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