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Would you marry your late father’s wife?

With Florence Amagiya

Amos is a Prince and an only son. His father, the King had him pretty late in life. He was born when his father was already old and had given up hope that he was ever going to have a male child to take over the throne in his dismiss. His dad on the other hand married other women after Amos was born just to make sure he has more sons. Some of these women were even younger than Amos himself.

Amos being born into affluence had the opportunity to study in the city and beyond. Just to prepare him for his future responsibility.

Today, Amos is a man and his father, the king is no more. He is to be crowned the king and the keeper of his ancestral traditions, but his major challenge is the tradition of taking over his father’s wives…

Hear what our celebrities have to say

Won’t do it!

Rykardo Agbor, Actor


Personally, l know it is an abomination if l consider a thing like that! Why would l marry my late father’s wife? What kind of tradition is that? Each time l am with the woman in question, l will only imagine her with my father. The best thing to do in this situation is not to try something that is abomination in the sight of God. I will rather please the Almighty God and not man. What is the big deal about a throne with so many curses on my head? I will live without such kingship than to die an early death.

No way!

Nonso Odogwu, Actor
This is a very funny question l must scream! I won’t marry a woman who has married my late dad. I can only consider it if I met the woman on my own and got to love before knowing about it.

Nonso Odogwu

Stand as
husband, but…

Obinna Nwoji, Actor

I will definitely stand by a woman like that. I will even marry her, though not into my house. I will take care of her and all her Kids, pay their bills and all the necessary things. One thing l won’t be forced to do is to have amorous relationship with her. l won’t have sexual relationship with my late father’s wife!

It’s clumsy!

felixFelix Olaopa, Media & Entertainment Consultant

I won’t marry such woman and l don’t mind to forfeit the throne because of it. It is immoral to say the least.

Marry her if…

Onyi Udezo, Business man

I will marry my late father’s wife if l am in love with her. What’s there to it and after all tradition supports it.  But if l don’t fancy her or love her, then l won’t do it and l do not care if l loose the throne in the process.


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