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Ofe Nsala nourishes my body – Mr. Raw


O kechukwu Edward Ukeje also known as Mr. Raw is a hip-hop artist. Although he is from Okoko-Item in Bende local government area of AbiaState, he was born in Enugu State. He’s known for his unique style of rap in his mother tongue, Igbo . And has dropped many songs that isruling the airwaves. Mr. Raw in this encounter, reveals how his favourite soup nourishes his body. He maintains that, while he is not a food freak, he will not hesitate to eat his ofe nsala, whenever, it’s prepared.


As a musician, how do you cope with your food habit?

I’m not the type that is fond of food. Although, it’s necessary that I eat , I’m not a food freak as some people do. I eat whenever it comes but it’s not a do or die thing.

Can you tell us about your favourite food?

My favorite food is pounded yam and Ofe Nsala (White Soup).

How often do you get this particular meal?

I eat it very often because I enjoy it.

What is the special ingredient you always enjoy while eating the soup?

Fresh fish but sometimes it depends on my mood. I go for dry fish and assorted meat, which also goes with my pounded yam.

Can you cook yourself?

Yes, I can cook except soup which seems difficult. My wife does the cooking. I also specialize in cooking white rice, white yam, noodles sometimes I boil water if I want to make eba.

Was there a prank you played to get your favorite food?

No, I never play any pranks to get my favorite. Maybe because I always get my favorite whenever I ask for it and I’m not a food freak.

How do you prepare your favorite food?

I don’t know how to prepare my favorite food rather my wife handles the preparatory aspect of it which is the duty of a house wife and I handle the swallowing part of it.

Do you engage in physical exercise?

Yes I do. As a musician it helps me keep fit, most times I play football for close to 3 hours or more.

Do you eat fruits and the kind of fruits you like?

Yes I do eat fruits ;Pineapple, Orange, Water melon, Mango in fact I eat almost all the fruits but my favorite is Avocado Pear.

Do you drinks?

I love taking chilled water while eating because it helps for quick digestion. And I also take water because it’s good for the system.


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