By Hugo Odiogor

The intractable crisis rocking Jos and its environ is beginning to take its toll on some food items notably iris potatoes, cabbages, green peas, onions which are produced in the Middle Belt plateau.

The villagers in the affected regions have been wary of unexpected attacks by hoodlum whom the State Governor AVM Jonah Jang is a combination of Nigerians and foreigners especially mercenaries from Chad and Niger.

Sources told Vanguard Environment Watch that the prices of these food items that Plateau state is known for are gradually going out of the hands of the poor as people are becoming security conscious because the perpetrators of these acts of terror have been attacking the villages.

The impact of the crisis is been felt by house wives and owners of eateries who are finding it difficult to cope with the rising cost of these items that are required for salad, it is sad but that is the truth. Sources said “there has been noticeable changes in the demographic pattern and settlement as people continue to relocate from the troubles areas”. This has also driven up prices in the property section as people are looking for places where their faith could put them in harms way, “People are now very careful about who they give their homes and even their daughters in marriage, our environment has been redefined, ordinarily we are welcoming people, but all that is changed now and there is no going back”, said source, “although the state government is setting up operation rainbow, we must caution that closing its eyes to places like Dilimi where they manufacture all forms of knives and dangerous weapons will defeat the new security arrangements being put in place in the state”.

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