Not that I enjoy writing pieces like this but I believe in that saying that, ‘evil triumphs when good men do nothing’. With consistent action or reaction, it’s only a matter of time before we are served right. No one prays for disasters. But when they happen, they should be well managed such that all parties involved are amicably pacified; especially when there’s a paying customer involved.

On the 10th of February, telecoms company Glo Nigeria suffered a major fire disaster that caused outage of services for Glo subscribers. For days, making calls and receiving were epileptic and worse still, BlackBerry users were outrightly ‘disenfranchised’. This piece would have been totally unnecessary if corresponding action has been taken by this telecom giant. Between 17th and 20th, Glo offered customers a double talk time on Glo to Glo calls while apologising for the outage. But then, really, was it only Glo calls we couldn’t reach during the ‘bad weather’? At least tehy did something, so we’ll let that pass. But really, how do you explain to BlackBerry users whose BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) was suspended for over four days and are yet to be compensated till now? Let’s assume that the management of Glo is working on that ‘super mega’ compensation for this set of subscribers, but what’s wrong with informing of your intention via text since you have a database of all your BlackBerry users?

It’s been about ten days since Glo’s services returned to normal. One would have expected a random extension of BIS expiration dates for all BB lines active during the disaster. Rather, the company has acted ignorant of the 4,5 days that paying customers were denied access to the internet on their BBs. A call put through to the BB customer care line of Glo, only took this writer though minutes of quizzing and a ‘I’ll process your request for compensation’ answer. That was ten days ago. My BIS expired seven days later and I’ve since renewed my subscription. A lot more other users have gone ahead to renew subscription too while those angry enough have switched over to other networks. So I ask, do Glo BB users just shut their eyes carrying on like nothing happened and letting this injustice pass? Hopefully, some management member of Glo Nigeria will read this piece and see to it that justice is done. I rest my case.

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