PART of the positive wind of change blowing across the Deeper Life Bible Church is the title,co-ordinator which will now be designated as pastors in line with acceptable practice universally, reports OLAYINKA LATONA.

Deeper Life pastors until recently are called co-ordinators but sources close to the church, told our reporter at the weekend, the General Superintendent, Pastor William Folorunsho Kumuyi, in one of his recent messages asserted that the co-ordinators and the group coordinators should henceforth be addressed as district pastors and group pastors respectively.

“After the statement, Kumuyi had since been addressing them as pastors,” the source said.

In 1991, when due to church growth the Deeper Life Bible Church decentralised from its Gbagada, Lagos meeting place, splitting into several district churches in Lagos State and various states in Nigeria, Pastor Kumuyi deemed it necessary to appoint co-ordinators to oversee the branches.

The co-ordinators were expected to, in turn, feed him back. They were not expected to preach. They merely played the pastor’s messages on cassette both at Monday Bible Study, Thursday Revival Hour and Sunday Worship Service.

After some time, however, the co-ordinators were made to prepare and deliver Thursday messages while Sunday messages are still relayed via tapes and video recordings.

It was the co-ordinating functions performed by these leaders at that time and the need to differentiate them from Pastor Kumuyi who is widely called pastor that made the General Superintendent to refer to them as co-ordinators.

Outside Lagos, leaders performing similar co-ordinating roles are being addressed as district pastors and group pastors while those in Lagos were known as co-ordinators. The scenario did not go down well with the Lagos leaders who had been silently protesting the development, calling for a change since they are performing the function of a pastor.

Like an answer from above, the pastor on his own, recently without any agitation from the co-ordinators revised the development. One of the affected who spoke to our correspondent on the condition of anonymity, said it was a welcome development for both the church and its leadership as these same district pastors and group pastors, in the past, were often sent on missionary voyage outside the country.

“While the co-ordinators carry that title, the residential pastors of the host country were often confused as to the reason for that nomenclature which is not in tandem which the dutes the co-ordinators performs,” the co-ordinator, who will now be adressed as district pastor stated.

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