February 23, 2011

CANA no longer a Nigeria mission, says Archbishop Okoh

The Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, the Primate of Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion),  says the Convocation of Anglicans in North America (CANA), is no longer under the jurisdiction of Nigeria.

Speaking during his recent visit to London , Okoh said: “CANA is now part of the Anglican Province of North America (ACNA).

ACNA is a breakaway province from the Episcopal Church headed by Archbishop Robert Duncan.

“We are not interested in territorial ambition; our main reason for going to America was to provide for those who were no longer finding it possible to worship in the Episcopal church.

“A new structure has been put up in the U.S. which is ACNA.

“CANA now belongs to ACNA even though they still relate to us;but essentially it now belongs to Anglican province of North America,” he said.

CANA was established in 2005 to provide a platform for Anglicans who were alienated by the actions and decisions of The Episcopal Church in the U.S.

CANA was to enable them to practice their faith, without compromising their core convictions.

NAN recalls that Rev. Martyn Minns, the former Rector of Truro Church, one of the leading parishes in the U.S. that formed CANA, was consecrated bishop in 2006 in Abuja by Okoh’s predecessor, Archbishop Peter Akinola.

In 2007, Minns reported to the Nigeria House of Bishops that CANA currently consisted of approximately 60 congregations and 80 clergy in 20 states in America.

This represents about a quarter of the congregations, primarily Nigerians in the Diaspora.

Until Akinola’s retirement in March 2010, Minns was an active member of the House of bishops of the Church of Nigeria, attending their meetings and voting in the election of new bishops for the Nigeria province.

In 2007, Akinola led the Nigeria House of bishops to elect four assistant bishops and appointed them to serve in CANA under Minns. (NAN)