By Vera Samuel Anyagafu
There are reported cases of Nigerians whose application to gain legal entry into foreign countries were turned down without the expected host country supplying cogent reasons for visa denial. In most cases, reasons for refusal are not explicit.

Out of all those who have fallen victim, majority ignorantly do not know what to do next while others lack  the right information that could turn the previous decision by the embassy in question, in their favor.

Where falsification of documents and improperly completed application form are ruled out, the major reason for refusal of visa which is never disclosed to intended travelers seeking a non-immigrant visa is that many a time, the embassies are not satisfied that applicants are genuinely seeking entry as visitors for the limited period stated, hence, the possibility of overstaying or becoming illega immigrant.

In a case such as this, Eddie Onyekah Esq., of Harvard Consult, an authority in visa and immigration matters, opines that an appeal against such decision becomes the only option to precipitate a reversion rather than waiting for years to re-apply or lose hope entirely.

According to Barr. Onyekah, though a lot of citizens, have ended up as victims to charlatans who have for years infiltrated the immigration law practice in Nigeria, promising to deliver what they have no training, skills, qualification, or experience but whose driving motive is short term material gain, there are few immigration law firms like Harvard Consults with long standing integrity whose motive is “driven by the altruism to help thousands of our compatriots who daily go through the harrowing, cumbersome and frustrating visa application process, with success.”

Harvard Consults/Chambers which has grown successfully since its establishment over 20 years ago, now operating from four modern offices in the country with an additional functional office in the UK, according to the learned boss, is also into strategic alliance with internally acclaimed immigration law experts in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, UAE, China Schengen, which speak volumes of the numerous successful appeal recorded till date.

You can achieve so much with the right information and that is why, in the event of visa refusal, passport and/or documents impounded and perhaps, the whole process leaves you with a visa ban, you sure need an immigration lawyer of repute to assist you file an appeal, apply for an administration review, challenge the decision that imposed the visa ban and subsequently retrieve the impounded passport and documents.

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