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Would you marry a woman with another man’s pregnancy?

With Florence Amagiya
Juliet and Chuks were betrothed to be married, yet they never had any carnal knowledge of one another. The courtship was not a long time affair according to Juliet’s Parent’s church doctrine; it was barely nine months and now there is a society wedding to be planned.

Suddenly one day, in the hurly burly of the wedding’s preparation, Juliet fainted without much ado. She was rushed to the hospital by her siblings and fiancé who were present. Only to get a report from their family doctor that she is pregnant… Hear what our celebrities have to say

Paul Igwe

Can’t do it – Paul Igwe, Actor
The fact that she is pregnant shows she is another man’s property. Whatever she is carrying belongs to the man who should be her husband or so. But if she is not married yet she is engaged to me and we did not have any carnal knowledge, then that tells she is not good enough to be my wife. Obviously, she lacks self control on her thighs especially with the opposite sex. I am so sorry, but I can’t marry her.

Obinna Nwoji

Will marry her still – Obinna Nwoji, Actor
I will go on with the wedding whether she is pregnant for me or another. I will definitely find out what happened to her and if she is honest, then it won’t matter. Whether she is pregnant for another by mistake or raped won’t matter when there is love involved. I will marry a woman I love in the first place, so I should be able to love her in spite of her short comings, after all, I am not a saint myself. Love can heal all wounds.

C deJohn

Won’t, except divine – C dejohn, Comedian
I want to marry a brand new woman, not a tokunbo. But there are exceptions to every rule; I mean if I am asked by God to marry her, then I will obey. Look at the case of Joseph in the Bible; it was only possible because it was divinely ordained. The Holy Spirit had to speak to Joseph to take Mary as wife even in her state. I might consider marrying her also, if the circumstances in which the pregnancy occurred was pathetic enough to make me pardon her, for instance: rape.

Onyebuchi Ojieh

Will not try it! – Onyebuchi Ojieh, Comedian
I cannot imagine it.  Why would I want to marry a woman that is already pregnant for another man? It’s not possible; she should marry the man who is the father of her child, it would save both of us future issues and problems. What if I get married to her and later on the real father of the child comes back for his child? What do I tell the children we would have had together about the other child? It would just bring up issues that I won’t be prepared for, so to avoid any problem in future, I would not dare marry a woman with another man’s pregnancy. Thank God the lady in question was divinely exposed before marriage.

Brosu Solomon

No way! – Brosu Solomon, Actor
I won’t marry a woman who is already pregnant for another man. It is going to be an impossible thing to do on my part, but I might do it if I am divinely ordered. Yes, we saw a case like that in the Bible where Joseph the earthly father of our saviour Jesus was divinely reminded to go on with the marriage between him and Mary the mother of Jesus Christ. Apart from that it is a ‘NO’ for me.

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