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Would you dump your HIV positive spouse?

With Florence Amagiya,
“Madam I am sorry to tell you this, but you are HIV positive” said Dr Samuel. ”Doctor, it can’t be, tell me it’s not true, I thought it was just one of those sicknesses that come and go after child birth” said Lucy whilst in tears. “You can’t be serious; this has to be a joke, right? Her husband shouted in a harsh tone.

There she was in the family’s hospital with her husband, they had both thought it was a common sickness after their third child was born. This was the last thing they were expecting to hear. What were they going to tell their children, their friends, neighbours? What would become of her marriage? These were the questions that crowded Lucy’s mind. At that point, she felt like the ground should open up and swallow her to enable her escape all the trauma, the stigma, the disgrace that lay ahead of her.

Few weeks later, Lucy’s husband started acting up; he would not touch Lucy even if they are sitting on the same chair or even venture to eat her food. It became so bad that he would not sleep on the same bed as her and when she finally complained, he bundled her into his car and drove her to her parents’ house, dumped her there saying their marriage was over.

Hear what our Celebrities have to say to this pathetic story.

Adaku Anachunam

No way! – Ada Anachunam, Producer
I will certainly wonder where he got it from, but l will still stand by him even if he has been cheating on me. I married him in spite of his flaws and He is also human. If l don’t he sure will die. Somehow, we shall work together to rehabilitate him. Maybe that will make him a changed man.

Madu Chikwendu

Can’t do it! – Madu Chikwendu, Producer
Marriage is based on love, commitment and understanding, so if my wife is sick, it means l am equally sick. I took a vow of loving her both in sickness and in health. She is the mother of my children and the wife of my youth says the bible. And when she becomes sick, it is only naturally that l become her strength. I will be there for her. l will not worsen her problems to the extent that she will wish for death. I believe there is no storm that we cannot weather together with the Almighty God on our side.

This is not an easy task, but with the grace of God, it can be established.

Jodie Odiete

Show him love – Jodie Odiete, Artiste
The marriage vows did not say in good times only, it got us prepared for the bad times also. Some couples go into marriage thinking only of the good times. What about the bad times? They are not even prepared for little things like the wife running a temperature; she gets fat when she is pregnant and ugly and all that. So when it comes up, they run into the arms of other women. They are not even prepared for the children; most men think it’s the woman’s job only to bring up the kids.

If my husband is really sick, l do not care about the name of the sickness. I will stay by him. The Almighty who has brought us together will see us through in that difficult time.

Kelly Jossiede

Won’t dump him! – Kelly Jossi Ede, Actress
I will first of all find out how he got it before l react, if he has been known to sleep around then he is on his own. But if he got it by mistake, maybe shaving in a saloon or using instruments he ought not to have used, then l will stand by him because if l don’t he will die. I really care about him that was why l married him in the first place.

The only problem l will have is if we do not have children. l will be wondering how we are going to have kids at the end of the day because it only means he cannot father any healthy child today because of the state of his health. Yes a miracle can happen, but until it does we are stuck. Another thing we can possibly do is adoption. It will work well somehow, if there is love, trust and understanding between us.

Rotimi Rasak

Stand by her if… – Rotimi Rasak, Actor
It is only reasonable that we know our HIV status before marriage. So l will be aware of hers and peradventure she is infected, then I will love her still in her condition. I would not dump her if she gets it by mistake. It is not her fault, it can happen to anyone. If I can’t take the risk of bringing forth children through her, then the only decent thing to do is to take care of her, while I have my kids by another woman. If she is known by me to be promiscuous, then she is on her own.

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