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Starcomms Introduces new campaign

STARCOMMS Plc has introduced a new  campaign that re-affirms its customers as the core of its business interest.

The new campaign with the slogan, “listen to the network that is listening to you” is said to have   been embedded into the business and work style of all Starcomms personnel, cutting across all staff levels.

According to Tushar Maheshwari, Chief Commercial Officer of Starcomms, said the new campaign was an expression of the value that the company placed on his customers  saying, “this is not just a campaign that will be there for a few months or a year, it is a campaign that will be imbibed by all Starcomms personnel and thereby becomes a philosophy in our work ethics, particularly in how we respond to the needs of our customers.”

“Starcomms as a brand has been in the mindset of telecoms service consumers for a long time, and enjoys significant awareness in their mind” stressing that “it is as a result of the many innovative and customer friendly products and services we have introduced into the market in the past.”

Maheshwari however observed that the new campaign, which is meant to refresh the mind of the consumer about the value of the Starcomms brand, was not a re-branding of Starcomms,  saying that “the Starcomms brand is a brand that inspires every consumer to be passionate about it.”


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