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Should indecent exposure amongst married women be allowed?

With Florence Amagiya
In Africa, before the advent of dressing -up and society outings, weddings and events, a married woman is seen as the bedrock of her home and families. She is a shelter in time of storm and cold, she is a symbol of warmth and the mother to her husband as well as her children. If there was any character to be emulated it is most times from the married woman and mother.

Today can it be said that the situation is different in terms of dressing?

Hear what our celebrities have to say….

Julius Ag

Its madness – Julius Agu, Comedian
Indecent exposure should not be allowed amongst married women, in Africa there are values and traditions. A true African woman or mother is always dressed with her body covered; it doesn’t make her less beautiful. I can’t say l blame these women though, they feel insecure with their husbands. How can some women possibly think that their husbands got attracted to these other women who walk around naked because of their exposed bodies?

Most men go to these naked women because they look cheap, a good man won’t take any of these women to their parents homes for any form of introduction. Except the man is also mad. I am not saying the woman should be dressed like some extreme case of Christianity, but we should know where to draw the line. Meanwhile, most of these clothes we borrow from the western culture are stage wears, costumes and evening wears. It is not everyday clothing, but some of our women these days wear them in broad day light. Most of these women think their dressing will attract their husbands the more, forgetting that beauty comes from the inside and packaged goods are better priced than exposed wares.

Timi Dakolo

God abhors it! – Timi Dakolo, Artiste
It is a shameful when you see your mother’s mate practically walking around nude all in the name of looking good. Looking good does not entails going naked. What did the Bible say about ‘modest apparel’? I think a woman can look good, beautiful and also presentable when she is covered.

Walking around indecently dressed sends wrong signals to people. For men, it tells us that you are available and you are ready for any deal thrown at you. Why then are you angry at the end of the day, when you have attracted that attention in the first place? There is this popular saying: Dress the way you wish to be addressed!

Dekunle Fuji

No issue ‘cos’ it’s personal – Dekunle Fuji, Artiste
As Humans, we see things in different angles. What you think is indecent to you might be decent to her husband, so l don’t think we have a right to judge her, since you said she is a married woman. Let her husband be the ruler and the judge she has made him in her life.

Mary Remmy

Yes if my hubby likes it… – Mary Remmy, Actress
If my husband likes the way l am dressed, then it is not indecent. Men these days get attracted to the way young ladies are dressed on the street and so they chase them. Why should l forget the reason my husband was attracted to me in the first place because l am now married? If that’s what he likes, then l should be able to satisfy him. You have to look sexy and good always for your man so he doesn’t look at some girl outside who isn’t as sexy as you.

When you go out with your husband and other men give you compliments, your husband knows you are still hot and he is proud of you. So you have to always represent him, let him show you off. On a final note, always give him that look he likes right from when you were courting, I don’t see why you should lose it all because you are married.


It’s wrong traditionally – Promise Onodjohwo, Artiste
When a woman is married and gets her body exposed outside her home, then people will be wondering if she was truly married. Traditionally, a married woman ought to cover her body except she is breast feeding her baby and she didn’t have an option. If you are married, yet you are walking on the road half naked, then you are not married. If your husband loves nudity, then he should accompany you in your strolls on the street, but if he is not, why are you doing it? You will only attract unnecessary attention that you can’t defend.

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