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Rate doctors and health workers equally, Omokhuale tasks FG

By SOLA Ogundipe
FEDERAL government has been taken to task over the unequal rating between the Bachelor Degree in clinical science and the Bachelor Degrees in other medical sciences offered in the nation’s higher institutions of learning.

Calling for an urgent review and reversal of the practice, Secretary General, Medical and Health Workers’ Union of Nigeria. Com. Marcus Omokhuale, said an arrangement whereby a Bachelor Degree in clinical science is rated and rewarded above other Bachelor degrees as in pharmacy, nursing, nutrition or laboratory science is “faulty and clearly negates the understanding and universal principles and practice that all university degrees are equal on the basis of mutual interdependence and collective beneficial contribution to knowledge, science and technology.”

Omokhuale who made the observation in a statement entitled “Stemming the Feud and Rivalry Among Health Care Practitioners” argued that for peace to prevail, the rating and rewarding system within the health sector must be comparable in all intents and purposes. “Government must review and urgently revers this if an acceptable solution must be found to the present mistrust and wrangling among health workers, which is adversely rendering the health system comatose.

“The current Scheme of Service for the Federation clarly went off track and wrongly redefined bachelor degrees in the health sector. Today, government at all levels and health authorities are faced with the problem of putting in place appropriate salary structure for health workers,” he avowed.

Omokhuale also opined that  “the problem is arising from the faulty and rather selfish arrangement in place where one discipline is favoured above others on the same sector.”

In a comparative analysis with some other sectors of the economy, Omokhuale observed: “In all other sectors of the economy, there is nowhere one discipline is statutorily rated and remunerated above its equals without due regard to experience, years of service and seniority as obtainable in the civil service.

“Aside from the fact that this is unjustifiable, it is unfair and demeaning to other degree holders in the same sector. The arrangement stifles initiative, lowers productivity and breeds acrimony. It also perpetually robs the nation of useful contributions from these disciplines as the growth and development of the professions are impeded.


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