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Lagos State CCTV surveillance camera project: How sustainable?

With Chris Uwaje
Today, institutions of all kinds – especially the Fortune Five Hundred multinationals, financial institutions, mega business outfits, government entities, electoral processes and e-voting, e-government operations, banking and finance, sports complexes and stadia, airports, hospitality and entertainment centres, shopping malls, mass transport facilities, and others such as hospitals, court rooms, server rooms,  automated systems and military bases, etc, are being challenged to install video surveillance in areas that are too complex and remote, too costly or physically impossible to reach with traditional monitoring methods.

Resolving the Challenges: To resolve the above challenges, IP-centric wired/wireless security/surveillance solutions can be deployed to help leap over those barriers, as they allow a virtually unlimited number of video surveillance cameras to be deployed quickly, easily and cost-effectively in a new or expanded security system. This can be accomplished location-wide: nationwide, state-wide, city-wide, LGA-wide and country-wide.

The organizational efficiency management capability of a state government can be rapidly and greatly improved, enhanced and made more secure state-wide by deploying IP digital surveillance camera solutions over their LAN/WAN Infrastructure. This way, more value will be added to the huge investments of the state at all infrastructural levels. I am informed that this is exactly what Lagos State CCTV Security Camera is all about. This is at the face value a very laudable project and Babatunde Fashola’s Government should be commended for apply his thinking cap to salvage the Lagos mega city challenges.

Question: Was Lagos State Government well advised before embarking on this project – especially on the choice of CCTV Camera as against IP-Based Surveillance Camera Solutions? Fact is, CCTV Solutions are several decades aged and lag behind the technologies of the future. If the idea is to install CCTV now with a mirage lifespan of 30 years (?) as its predecessor, then we are grossly mistaken! It is not too late to swing and make the right correction/choice.

Due to the IP-based nature of IP surveillance technology systems, designated users can access, monitor, store, and archive video, audio and associated application data over the Internet or across private data networks using the set access codes.

Furthermore one can control, troubleshoot, adjust, service and configure all cameras from any location that has internet or private network connectivity. IP surveillance cameras can be linked to event-driven alert and alarm software for IP systems, which enables the functionality to raise an alarm based on certain detected movements/motions or if certain set conditions occur or pre-set thresholds are reached, which far exceed the capabilities of old CCTV systems

There are several benefits when using IP surveillance systems as opposed to traditional CCTV. The following list of benefits gives a good overview of the general benefits that come along when using IP surveillance systems:

*IP surveillance systems are cost effective
*IP surveillance systems have a vast amount of functionalities
*Event-driven alerts
*Superior image quality
*Secure data transmission
*One-way or two-way audio transmission
*Backup and storage of Development Information & Data.
*IP surveillance systems are highly flexible in their deployment
*IP surveillance systems can easily be expanded.


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