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Abuja blast: Terrorists at work – Jonathan

By  Kingsley Omonobi-Abuja

President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday described Friday’s bomb attack at the Mogadishu Cantonment Mammy Market as a terrorist attack on Nigeria, saying  preliminary analysis of the explosives so far has shown that they have same characteristics with the ones used in the Jos Christmas eve attacks.

His words, “These explosives and explosions are part of the road bumps that are being placed to halt our march forward but God will see us through.

They will never stop Nigeria from where we are going to. We must work and reproduce a country for our children, a country where there will be no space for terrorists, a country where there will be no bombers and people with explosives to deter us.”

From right, President Goodluck Jonathan; First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan and the mother of the President, Mama Jonathan, during the New Year Day service at the Evangelical Church for Winning All (ECWA) at Wuse II, Abuja. Photo: Abayomi Adeshida.

Speaking at a church service to mark the New Year at the ECWA Church, Wuse 2, Abuja, the President declared, “Some people say they are politicians, some say they are religious fanatics but to me they are pure criminals, they are the ones demons are using these days and they are not only in Nigeria.

“From the preliminary analysis of the explosives so far used in Nigeria, the one used in the October 1 explosion has the same characteristics with the ones that happened in Port Harcourt, Warri and some parts of the Niger Delta, it has been classified.

“The one that happened yesterday (Friday), from preliminary analysis, is identical with the one that happened in Jos. So, there are two routes. So, as long as the security operatives know where the two routes are, we will get to where these things are coming from,” he added.

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Blaming terrorists, he said, “For those of you who have time to listen to world news on Aljazeera or CNN, you will see that terrorism is crisis-crossing the whole world. Today, there are two things that are so important and so noticeable – technological developments. Countries are developing technologically. The next that is pushing these countries backwards is terrorism.”

Continuing, he said, “The senior pastor (of ECWA church) did mention in his sermon what happened last night. One of the pictures I saw on television, because I am yet to visit the victims, is that of a very young child;  I’m sure most of you must have seen it. As I came into the church and saw some of the young children, I wondered how somebody will plant an explosive that will kill any of these children under- 10. What kind of person do you think that person is?

“In terrorism,  the instruments they use is that of technology but instead of using their scientific knowledge to climb, some people use it to drag their nations backward. If you look at nations that are developing, you talk of Brazil, those that were close to us during independence — India, Singapore, Malaysia, China- those that are developed, United States, their citizens are not involved in terrorist attacks. They are moving their nations forward.

“But, the demons who do not like good things, if a country wants to move forward, they look for a way to push you backwards and these are what we, as a nation, are experiencing. But, I will tell Nigerians, be calm, and be stable. If you look at the Israelites’ journey to the Promised Land, it was tortuous, a number of them even died along the way.

“We must have challenges. It was Bongos Ikwue who sang that ‘nothing good comes  easy, this I know.’ So, nothing good will come so easily to us. For us to get to  where we want to go as a nation, we will have obstacles. These explosives and explosions are part of the road bumps that are being placed but God will see us through.”

Jonathan added: “God will help us as a nation that we will get to the root of this matter. I urge Christians to continue to pray that some of these people will even confess to Nigerians that at the appropriate time they will tell us that they are behind this.

“But, for now, the security people are on it and they will get to the root of this matter. We will get to the root of the car bombs that started in Niger Delta and crept into Abuja and this one too that started in Jos and crept into Abuja.

“Nigerians should not be deterred; they should pray more because we know that for you to get to the Promised Land you will meet some obstacles as demonstrated by the journey of the Israelites. Nigerians own will not be different; but surely, by God’s grace, we will get there,” he added.


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