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What will you do if you catch your spouse in bed with another on xmas day?

With Florence Amagiya
Azubuike and Nnenna had been married for 10 years now and their union was seen by everyone in the compound as the toast of the Area. The understanding and love they had for each other was so pronounced and dramatic that one could say that they can’t have issues like other couples. It could be said then that their marriage was made in heaven, you could actually cut the feelings they both showed with a knife.

So it was a huge surprise when Azubuike returned from his journey on Christmas day, only for us to hear him screamed ‘I do not want to meet you and the slut in my house when I return! You can take her and all her belongings to your own house for all l care and please don’t be here when l return or something terrible will happen!’

It sounded like a strangulated scream from our neighbour, Azubuike, so we all ran into his apartment to see what was amiss. Only to get into his bedroom, we saw his wife Nnenna in bed with another man.

Hear what our Celebrities and Nigerians have to say…

Chris Kehinde Nwandu

Kick her out of my house! – Chris Kehinde Nwandu, Media Consultant
My own wife with another man in my bed! If my wife is caught in such an act, then the marriage is over. What kind of forgiveness does she want from me? That the devil pushed her into bed with another man in my house? The Bible teaches us that the only reason for us to terminate a marriage is when there is adultery involved. So if my wife thinks its okay for her to sleep with another, even if it was not in my house, then it is okay for me to divorce her because l cannot take it and worse of on my matrimonial bed.

Kelechi Udegbe

Walk out – Kelechi Udegbe, Actor
I will walk out of the house because I will be capable of doing something nasty to her and the man with her in that frame of mind. I love her that was why l married her in the first place; I would not want to loose everything we have achieved and built together for that matter without hearing what she says to say and the why? I know l won’t be responsible with the frame of mind l will be having, hence l will walk out.

When I am in a better or sober mood, l will come back home and hear what she has to say. Don’t get me wrong, l will somehow punish her, but l won’t drive her away or kill her. The marriage vow says for better and for worse.

Ifeoma Onwudiwe

Design her face – Ifeoma Onwudiwe, Business woman
I am a loving woman and faithful wife to my husband and I cannot bear to hurt another person also. I won’t mind if my husband goes out and l am not aware, but if he makes a mistake of taking the woman to my matrimonial home and bed, then she will hear from me. I will deal with her, so that next time she sees another woman’s husband, she will fly.
And as for my husband, I won’t allow him touch me for another six months.

Strangle her if… – Victor Bolofinde, Project supervisor
I am a naturally hot tempered person, so I don’t pray to meet myself in such a situation, but if it happens I might lose it and strangle the woman to death.

Green Leaf

Will never look back – Green Leaf, Musician
If I catch my wife in such a situation, then I won’t have anything to do with her any more. For God’s sake, she could have gone anywhere but my bed? I will walk away and I won’t listen to nobody.

Carol Arhegan

Forgive him – Carol Arhegan, Pastor’s wife
Cases like these are sometimes brought to church, especially if the couples are members of the church. What I will do if my husband the pastor is not present, is to calm the man and allow him to give me his side of the story. Then l will counsel him on the bases of the word of God, yes the Bible says we can divorce on the grounds of infidelity, but if there was ever love between this two people, then I think it will grow again. We should learn to forgive others their trespasses because the Almighty God did forgive us our iniquities.

What were we before HE died for us? We were nothing, His death gave us life. He did not deserve to die, but because of love He died for us. It was Love that made Him come to this sinful world. I know it’s not going to be easy in situations like these, but if we can forgive, then our family, our household and our land will be healed.

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