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President Cup may suffer postponement

Happenings in the office of the Nigeria Golf Federation (NGF) and major sponsor of the tournament-Globacom all points to the fact that the only surviving tournament on the NGF calendar-The President Cup may suffer postponement. The press briefing earlier billed for last week was put off and no reason was offered neither by NGF nor Globacom.

The event usually held by the golf federation to celebrate the nation’s Independence celebration, has over the years skipped down the ladder. It  no longer holds in October or November and several reasons are responsible for the movement of the event from October now to December. One of the reasons is sponsorship. Past NGF board failed to secure sponsors for the event, so they turned to state governments, thus the event held in states that doles out money for the tournament.

Despite the name of the tournament, corporate body reluctantly supported the annual golf tournament, a situation that forced the new NGF to put on their thinking cap.

The appointment of former Osun State Olagunsoye Oyinlola, who was recently thrown out of the government by the law court, as president of NGF brought some light but happenings in the South Western state has further thrown NGF into some sort confusion. Oyinlola, NGF star attraction, no longer attracts the movers and shakers in the country. Globacom, the major appears to have lost fate in NGF and as you read this, no one certain of when the event will hold.


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