December 31, 2010

Obasanjo denies rumour of death

By Kolade Larewaju
FORMER President Olusegun Obasanjo Friday reacted to his rumoured death saying that some people take delight in peddling rumors about his death and that his life was in the hands of God.

Obasanjo who spoke to newsmen at his Hill Top home in Abeokuta said “I think people take delight in speculation and rumoring. A friend of mine told me this morning; breaking to me the news of my death. And he was trying to confirm he said he had counted seven times that I have been rumored dead since the eve of my inauguration in 1999 as a democratically elected President of Nigeria till today.

“Those who indulge in this will not give up. And those who have superstitious belief that when there are rumors and speculations like this means longevity. Whether longevity or not, what I know is that until the Good Lord who has created me decides to say yes;  I have reached my take off point to return to him, people may speculate, people may rumor and that will be their own handicap.

“My word to Nigerians is that wishes are not horses. People wish and God does not make it to happen. But I know that anybody created is bound to die sometimes. When my time comes, it will not be man that will decide; it is in the hands of God”.

Former President Obasanjo when asked for his New Year message said “we all Nigerians should be thankful for the year ending, 2010. I wish all Nigerians, young and old, male and female, every good fortune. The year, 2011 offers and promises to be a year of high expectations for all Nigerians.  It is promised to be a divine year for the sustenance of our unity in democracy. I emphasize this; I prayed and I urged all Nigerians to pray for success in all our elections 2011 and also for Africa.

“We are not unmindful of what is happening in Africa and should pray to God, the author of peace to grant us the perfect in Nigeria and Africa”.