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Crime victims foundation of Nigeria (CRIVIFON): Mission Statement

Crime Victims Foundation was established as non_governmental, non_political, organisation with charitable status registered in Nigeria as a private company limited by guarantee and founded by Mrs. Gloria Egbuji, a lawyer and social scientist who at that time was doing her Phd in Victimology at the University of Lagos.

Because this time, there was no organisation that offers support to crime victims in Nigeria, at a time when the UN Declaration 30/34 was just introduced, the founder invited friends who came together to set up the organisation.

At the initial stage, CRIVIFON was an organisation of victims and witnesses assistance programme and practitioners criminal justice and professionals, mental, health, professionals, researchers and former victim survivors and others committed to the implementation of victims rights.  Activities were focused on raped victims, domestic violence, court related services for victims of crime and researches into related matters.

As the organization continued to work with the Nigeria Police, we noticed a lot of perceived hostility on the police by the members of the Police research was conducted through the first victimization survey we conducted in 1998, we realized that the public were reluctant to work with the Police because they felt police was not accountable.  We also interviewed the Police and our interview showed low level of police understanding of HUMAN RIGHTS of the people they protect, we thereafter commenced training of police on Human Rights in addition.

At the same time our organization is also involved in Human Rights Education for the public resulting to better Police_Citizen relationship and more accountable police.

The organization has conducted:The first crime victimization survey in Nigeria, A baseline study of the level of Police Human Rights Abuse on the Public, Why people are unlawfully detained in Nigeria Prison,

Determination of attitudes and habits of offenders in Nigerian prisons, What to do to prevent crimes in Lagos State.

The outcome of the above researches brought about changes in our original objectives with additional objectives that will make the realization of our primary objective possible in the present Nigeria economic and social situation.   The organization maintains cordial relationship with the Nigeria Police, the Government and all criminal justice agencies.


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