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Best beauty tips for Christmas

By Yemisi Suleiman

Once again we find  ourselves immersed with the festive season and for most women it’s the  season to be bright and sparkly! With a number of Christmas parties on your waiting list, find out how to ramp up the glam factor for the Christmas party season and you’ll be dazzling them all as the beauty of the ball.

beauty tips

After all your hard work this year, it’s time to give yourself a nice Christmas present with beauty treats you deserve.  Here’s a list of beauty ideas  to give you the desired glow this party season.

*An intensive skin-clarifying booster
Great skin is probably the ultimate gift anyone can receive, but the great news is you can give it to yourself without having to bust your bank account for pricey designer store potions.

*Bright, red nails
When your nails resemble cherry candies, they provide the finishing touch of succulent party look and even do the flirting for you. Keep them short and semi-squared so you can take them from day to night.

*An irresistibly iridescent all-over highlighter
Just dust it on your cheekbones, shoulders, cleavage and legs and you’ll be positively radiant when you do the party rounds. Bonus: you’ll glow in party pictures and you’ll have a tan-enhancer when March rolls around.

*A sheer, shimmery eye shadow
It’s the best season to up the makeup wattage but a super sparkly shadow with barely there color makes you stand out from a sea of heavy holiday makeup, and makes a great highlighter addition to your eye shadow palette. Sweep it onto lids and under lower lashes, and then apply three coats of black mascara onto curled lashes.

*Pick up a skin cream you can apply onto your face at night, since your skin repairs itself while you sleep and can use the extra help. The key ingredient is an effective exfoliant like salicylic acid, which helps speed up the surfacing of fresh, new skin while gently removing dead skin cells and relieving clogged pores.

*A fabulous full body massage-twice in a row

*Less is more-heavy foundation only accentuates wrinkles. Instead stick to using illuminators and tinted moisturisers only in places that need it-under eyes, around nose and work from the centre outwards.
*Applying foundation under eye shadow makes it last longer. Put loose powder under eyes before applying, especially if your eye shadow contains glitter. Wiping powder away takes any spills with it.

*Crushed glitter liquid liner used over black eyeliner is very striking. Use cream eye shadow under glitter instead of a powder.
*Don’t forget to neaten and define your brows, they shouldn’t be left out as they frame your eye make-up. Slick in place with Vaseline or hairspray (sprayed on your fingers first).

*Keep skin tones consistent. Use a bronzer brush to avoid a glowing face on top of pale cleavage and arms.

*Avoid an overloaded crunchy effect when using hairspray by misting over a comb then working through your hair.
* Give tired post-party eyes a treat by keeping some soothing eye cream on stand-by in the fridge.
*Use classic skin softeners such as baby oil and Vaseline. E45 cream is one of the best all-purpose moisturisers around.
*A holly-red lip gloss
Not only it is the best time of the year to shamelessly paint your lips this bright, but wearing a slick, rocking red gloss instantly brings out the glitz in you. Leave the rest of your face neutral with just mascara, and a sweep of blush, and all party eyes will be on you.


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